Do varieties of otherworldly presence illumine our so-called ordinary world? Psychics Magenta Pixie and Utsava; new press secretary, Kaleigh McEnany

I currently “follow” two psychics, Utsava and Magenta Pixie, both of whom I consider deeply dialed in to what’s going on. Both are multidimensional in approach, though Magenta Pixie more obviously so. Utsava is known for startling predictions with specific timelines that come true: for example, that “checks would be coming in the mail” for Americans in 2020. Huh? Who wouldda thunk it, way back in 2019?  Magenta Pixie seems to be the more advanced soul, at least in terms of the way she speaks — very measured, drawing together various threads on lots of levels all at once; but Utsava, who when young spent six months in Asia at an ashram learning how to meditate, and whose information comes through as single, often wildly improbable items that, in the time period she specifies, actually come true, is both more provocative and difficult to beLIEve.

Right now she is predicting that President Trump will introduce JFK Jr. on stage at Mount Rushmore on July 4th, this year (and that he might even be introduced as the new V-P on the 2020 ticket). Before she said that, I had already seen that Trump was to be at Mt. Rushmore on July 4th. And given what we now know about how the deep state works, if JFK, Jr., who was friends. with Trump before his alleged plane crash, actually did stage his (and wife Caroline’s and. her sister’s) death, and has been living undercover since 1999, the information no longer comes with shock and surprise, once we remember that Hillary Clinton was at that time opposing him in the running for the Senate from Massachusetts. Given the ongoing, and now well-known Clinton body count, what else is new?

On the other hand, even one year ago, it was hard to believe this kind of news. But now that Declass is unrolling and one of the MSM outlets, the Boston Herald, has gone on record with an editorial. calling out Adam Shiff for lying, consistently and with malign intent —

Disinformation from Media, Shiff, Damaged America

— we now know. that literally anything, no mattter how nefarious and labyrinthine, is possible, and if it can be thought up, it’s probably going to be enacted, somewhere, at some point by those who thought it up through their minions.

I’m continuously astonished. at the creative imaginative power  of human beings, and yet how we have so often and for so long, used our enormous creative powers of imagination to carefully design and marshal machevellian nightmares into manifestation, including this ongoing, unfolding fear-based, media-driven Covid-19 “event” designed to eviscerate our livelihoods and turn us against each other while our shocked, obediently masked eyes watch passively as previously respected institutions (education, media, medicine, Hollywood, etc.) of our old corrupted, deeply unjust and unequal society, crumble into dust.

Here’s a recent interview with Magenta Pixie, who brings in information, she says, “from the 9” and then blends it with her own perspective. (She starts on this video at about 3 minutes in). As she says, from day to day, it’s hard to know whether to bring in info for 3D or for 5D . . . I have yet to watch this video yet, but all her work is to me, very valuable.

Utsava’s info is so specific that it blows everybody’s minds. She claims that various deep state players have already “received judgment” (which means, been executed), including HIllary Clinton (in February 2019), and that what’s out there in public now is either a double or a clone. She claims that Hillary has lots of doubles, which makes sense to me, frankly. She claims that since so many public figures (including in entertainment) have already either already received judgment or been arrested, including Bill Gates, who, she says is “under house arrest,”  that what’s going on now in the public arena is “all for show, a charade,” but necessary, in order to accustom the American public to the evil that has been infecting the body politic for so long.

BTW: Utsava was one of the few people to publically predict that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election. And she claims now that all student loans will be forgiven in the next months, including federal and private. We’ll see!

Here’s a fairly recent Utsava video:

So, if it’s true that both these women receive information from other than earthly human sources, then it may also be true that certain people here now who are playing very public roles are not 3D but 5D beings. (Magenta Pixie certainly thinks so, and says it.) One person that comes to mind for me is the new press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who, frankly, feels Venusian. The perfection of her near “Barbie Doll” form, so small, feminine, vulnerable looking, but commanding an inner fire and brilliance that burns, with great articulate diplomatic flair, any reporter who dares to ask a question upon which she would just love to use to educate them further. This young woman is, to me, utterly astonishing in both her impact and her presence.

I am grateful that all three of these amazing warrior women agreed to come in with the rest of us during this amazing climactic moment in the denoument — and coming transformation — of the so-called  “civilized” world. YES!





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2 Responses to Do varieties of otherworldly presence illumine our so-called ordinary world? Psychics Magenta Pixie and Utsava; new press secretary, Kaleigh McEnany

  1. Ann says:

    It’s interesting that MP talks to “the 9” as these “beings” have been talked about in other contexts. This conversation between the amazing Chris Knowles and Greg Carlwood mention the 9 in conjunction with nuclear testing and other strange goings on back in the 50’s. They even discuss the possibility that the 9 were feeding information to Star Trek writers and producers. We live in such a bizarre world.

  2. Bruce Tompkins says:

    I agree with you about Kayleigh McEnany. She does her job very well and is almost mesmerizing.

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