My Dinner with Andre’s predictions for the future is NOW

As I prepare to begin, yet again, to step upon the train of this blog that travels into the unknown at apparently light speed, I want to pause and remember: Where we came from, where we are going? I see our tiny, pulsating Green Acres Village and Urban Farm as one of countless, barely visible “centers of light” predicted in this astonishing 1981 movie, My Dinner with Andre. And I see this blog as one of thousands of sensitive barometers of the atmospheric shifts that we are all undergoing, whether or not we know it, to a possible multidimensional future of which we do catch glimpses. The secret: keep focusing on what’s right with the world, rather than what’s wrong. Get and stay connected; and above all, remain in gratitude for the mysterious silent, ubiquitous Presence that sows endless synchronisities into the willing palms of those who practice awareness of the divine Love that fills and fuels creation.

Notice of this video thanks to Amy at Oakwood Center, another, and nearby, Center of Light in a massively confusing, discordant era when suffering humanity, in concert with the wisdom of Mother Earth and all her relations, will either birth a new era or die trying.

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