Detailed Tour of International Space Station!

Amazing video. How to live in a weightless environment. “I haven’t sat down in six months.”

Check out how the the astronauts sleep, for example, in a circle of “sleeping stations,” and how they eat (lots of American, Japanese and Russian food, mostly freeze-dried), how they exercise, on gym equipment, with no seats; equipment glitches and failures that need to be fixed inside and outside in space which is “really hot and really cold;” plus how they “do number one and number two” — with gloves and tissues (two kinds, Russian rough ones, soft American ones), huggies, and disinfectant wipes, for when “things get out of control, flying around.”

What do they do in their free time? Hang out, look at Earth.

What do they have to worry about? Fire, toxic air, an impact that could ram a hole.

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