Department of Very Recent Anomalies

Okay, so I read somewhere, in one of the recent channelings at — I think it was a Greg Giles post, but I wouldn’t swear to it — that the galactics or celestials or whatever you want to call those above (and below? and within? and in between?) who are flitting about in scout ships and parked in gigantic mother ships and materializing into and out of 3D shapes and forms that we might recognize have now said they are going to make themselves more obvious to us. That they are there in the millions, and we should look up more; look for anomalies, places where the sky is a different color, and so on. That we shouldn’t expect to see actual “ships,” but rather strange goings on that we don’t understand. Rather than shrug them off, ask ourselves, is that them? Or rather, is that us (in the future, or past, or larger oversoul, or part of a group, or just generally coterminous with the infinite universal oneness of all that is)?

So . . . yesterday, armed with my trusty iPhone, little dog Shadow and I took our morning walk. This time through part of the IU campus.

And sure enough, only now do I notice in this photo a long white oblong cloud. Is that a “spaceship”? Is it the remains of a chemtrail? Or a contrail? Is it just a cloud?

But that wasn’t the anomaly. The anomaly came later, on our way home.

Shadow was busy investigating the ground, as usual.

But just then, I looked up into the sky. First, I saw this:

Now, tell me, what is that straight line in the sky, partially covered with clouds? It’s not a contrail or chemtrail, but looks empty, blue, like a place where the clouds have parted!

Then, maybe a half a minute later, this:

Now there’s also a white line, closely paralleling the original line that still appears to be made by two parted clouds, and the white line is moving; I presume it’s a far off plane, making either a contrail or a chemtrail. But so exactly close to and parallel the other line? Huh?

WTF? FIRST, the clouds parted. THEN, the white line laid down . . .

So that was the first anomaly.

The second came in early evening; I had just sat down at my computer after lying for awhile on the couch, trying to watch the final minutes of Thrive. Suddenly I could feel something caressing the small of my back, as if parting the clothes there, or smoothing them down. The sensation lasted at least two or three seconds! Afterwards, I tried to think it was just the clothes re-arranging themselves. But it lasted too long, and there was a sensation of pressure, like from someone’s hand.

I’m no stranger to anomalies, and in fact, really appreciate them as breakthroughs from the unseen. Even so, these two experiences were decidedly strange, even for me, for whom non-ordinary experiences are relatively commonplace.

Oh yes! Almost forgot, a third anomaly, this one the day before yesterday, towards evening. I was driving west, and noticed that the western sky was a violet color, very beautiful, and a sunset color I have never seen before. The color itself was weird. But then, suddenly, a brilliant gold oblong stationary shape appeared, as if kissed by the setting sun. From my perspective, it looked to be about an inch long.

At that point, I had to turn left, and lost sight of it.

If anyone cares to comment on this post, especially if you have similar experiences to share, I’d love the feedback.

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6 Responses to Department of Very Recent Anomalies

  1. Pamela says:

    Very Interesting. Most impressive to me was the writing – “YHng…” in the 3rd picture!
    I have seen some amazing things in the sky that cannot be clouds, nor caused from what I know exists. I recognize there is much beyond the realm of the physical senses. Though I may not know in these instances, what I am actually feeling, seeing, or sensing, openness, attention, patience, and excitement about the possibilities is ever present!

    • What part of the photo do you see this “YHng . . .” I don’t see it!

      • Okay, I got (via email), the snip of the part of the photo (THANKS!), and I agree, that’s a very strange section. I noticed it when I looked at the whole photo again, but didn’t read “YHng…” into it, just those weird nearly parallel lines, lots of them, branching off from the main line. Again, WTF!

    • chris j says:

      It looks like possibly VLIESG or VLIEZG or VLLESJ …….either way, I’m not sure what it means. Also, look above carefully… It looks almost like elvish or something written above it. It looks like 2 words…one above the other.

  2. mike0v says:

    My kids and I had the EXACT same cloud parting above my house several months ago. We shot video and stills of it. As we were doing so, a UFO appeared. It seemed to be cleaning the atmosphere or neutralizing chemtrails. Got video and stills of the craft, too.
    If you’d like, I can send this stuff to your personal email.

  3. Wow! Yes, please do send! Right now Bloomington in a “real and imminent threat” of tornado . . . should be down in basement . . .

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