Deconstruct “original sin”! It’s over, folks. Let it go!

F. William Engdahl says we are in a trance. I would agree. As long as we believe true power resides elsewhere, we will feel like victims. Julian Rose would also agree. After reading what he called my “very sensitive” post that mentioned guilt (and how I broke free of it), he sent me his post on the subject of Original Sin, and to me, his treatment of the symbology involved in the whole story — Adam, Eve, Snake, Tree, Nakedness, Garden — is unsurpassed.


Original Sin: A Myth Whose Time Is Up

Read it. It’s the kind of piece that will arouse your kundalini, make you just want to take off your conceptual helmet, shake out your hair, and yell “Here I Am, Universe!” No longer burdened by the icky, yucky feeling of “guilt,” who knows the range and depth of what we humans are capable of.

Reading Julian’s essay, I remembered that I had also written a piece on that pernicious doctrine of “original sin,” for the Baby Picture Project.

The Baby Picture Project butts up against the Christian myth of “original sin”



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  1. rose day says:

    Eastern Orthodox theology holds that Man inherits the CONSEQUENCES of Original Sin.
    Roman Catholic theology holds that Man inherits the GUILT of Original Sin.
    ………profound distinctions between the two teachings!……….

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