December 31: As 2018 closes, WHAT IN HECK IS GOING ON?

I’m no prophet. I’m just trying to keep up with various threads I’ve been following, most of them (including economic and military) also broadly categorized as geopolitical, in that they ramify throughout society; but a few threads stretch out to include what the heck is going on in the sky?

Start with Donald Trump, arguably the most famous man on Earth, though Putin comes in close second. Both of them remain essentially inscrutable, though their actions do speak even louder than their words.

Putin, with his Scorpio Ascendant, continues to present a bland face, no matter how strong or colorful, and obviously, deeply informed, his language. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, his serious, diplomatic Sun/Saturn in Libra in the hidden 12th house strives for dialogue, fairness, justice.

Trump’s manner reflects his over-the-top Mars in Leo on the Ascendant conjunct the star Regulus. I am the king! Hear me roar! Plus, of course, that Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini opposing Sagittarius Moon tweeting out all manner of surprising, even shocking (though amazingly accurate, it often turns out) information and perspective especially about his political foes and their absurd, contradictory, hypocritical attitudes. His obstreperous and bloviating manner continue to baffle and infuriate leftist liberals (most of my own family included) who, apparently, prefer politeness above all. I don’t get it! My friends and family  are smart and informed. I am utterly amazed and puzzled at their seeming inability or refusal to see below Trump’s fulminating persona to consider how he is actually using it to storm his way through the stuck and stultifying layers of the entrenched deep state. Tell me, how else could he go about it? He’s got to cause a ruckus, and luckily, has the personality, and the balls, and the indefatigable energy to continue, no matter how many shit-balls zing at him.

Tell me, is Trump not an “over-unity” device all by himself? How does one man wear out so many aides so quickly, and then keep going, on and on and on? Truly, a colossus. That said, Jon Rappaport’s prediction, from two years ago, feels uncannily accurate. Was Rappaport time-traveling? Or was he just paying close attention to what Trump said he would do in his campaign for president.

Donald Trump, 24 months on . . .

I was grateful to see that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is finally receiving her due. I’m always astonished by her ability to remain courteous and centered in the moment, while widening it as much as necessary to meet the reporter where he is and reframe his or her question, INSTANTLY.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Front Page Person of the Year

Reader Sue M has sent me a very interesting piece about Putin, and his economic strategy. I imagine Trump knows all about it, and indeed, I imagine the two of them are also in cahoots, at least as far as the “globalism vs. nationalism” polarity goes, despite appearances.

My question: how to cryptos figure in on this?

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

Trump’s seemingly sudden decision to pull troops out of Syria (remember, he promised this in his campaign), followed by his decision to begin to do the same in Afghanistan, makes this next post highly relevant.

Iraq Is Next: Here’s Why All US Troops Could Be Out by End of Trump’s 1st Term

Meanwhile, back to “time-traveling.” It’s hard not to notice how many whistleblowers this year have come out of the closet, claiming to time travel back and forth. This next piece interests me mainly because it’s sarcastic, as is all material that doesn’t manage to stay within the Newtonian 3D construct (including purported ET/UFO material) — until, that is, the very last sentence!

The trials and tribulations of ‘time travelers’ in 2018

Finally, reader Tony sent me this one. UFO/ET right out in the open. And yes, “transformer accidents” just may not cut it, this time. What I wonder: is there a “war in heaven” going on above our heads? Are all the strange phenomena (including the supposed sky-flash weirdnesses connected to especially the Camp Fire in California), manifestations of this new (old?) war? I.e., is Trump’s “Space Force” already operational? Or, alternatively, are these strange, and seemingly precisely timed, electrical phenomena engineered by the deep state as a warning to Trump?


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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Hi, Ann,

    Something nice if you want to chill out a bit …

    A guy who stepped out of the Lie and figured out how not be an asshole anymore. “Slomo” just skates.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Hey thanks for this. Loved it! I’ve been “doing what I want to” all my life, though what I want tends to evolve. Wonder how long he will skate, or whether even flying will “get old.”

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