December 3, 2017: Mercury turns to go retrograde exactly eight hours and eleven minutes prior to this year’s only Super Full Moon

I find the timing that links these two phenomena very interesting — as well as the geometrical aspects each are forming and the links between them.

Most interesting, to me, born on December 19 with the Sun at 27°00 Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center, is that Mercury turns to go retrograde on the final degree of Sagittarius, 29°18, and does so nearly exactly conjunct Saturn at 28°02 Sagittarius. Serious (Saturn) thinking (Mercury) required during the next three weeks during which Mercury is traveling back over ground we already thought we had completed; we are tasked with figuring out how we do and or will personally discover/invent larger meaning (Sagittarius) in a world gone mad.

This task, of creating significance, of invoking and appreciating a purposeful world, is both buttressed and harmonized by the wildness of this era, signified by unpredictable Uranus at 24°57 of headstrong Aries, itself conjunct Eris, the Goddess of Discontent, at 22°53 Aries.. And, guess what!  These two are both directly opposite impulsive, courageous Mars at 26° of justice-seeking Libra. The constant, and seemingly accelerating movement of the #MeToo hashtag, women outing sexual predators, finds ready symbolism here.

The good news? This Uranus/Eris/Mars opposition happens to be in a harmonious trine (120°)/sextile (60°) configuration with the Mercury/Saturn conjunction just as Mercury turns to go retrograde. Serious thinking, especially about relationships, and how they evolve, change, break up and breakthrough; noticing and righting male/female power imbalances, even, I might add, within one’s own self. For example, my body is female, but most of my life my brain has been on left-brain (male) overdrive, clashing two aspects of my own being. Ever since Descartes, for whom “I think, therefore I am,” academic philosophers have pondered “the problem of the mind/body split.” Yep! That’s me! And I’ve worked for decades to bring these two parts into balance.

Then, only ten hours after Mercury turns to go retrograde, we enjoy the year’s only Super Full Moon, occurring when the Moon reaches its perigee, closest to Earth, again featuring philosophical, truth and meaning seeking Sagittarius, with its opposite, Gemini Moon. Sun in Sagittarius versus, and/or complemented by, Super Moon in Gemini. Gathering facts, points, dots (Gemini) to discover/create patterns of significance (Sagittarius) among them.

And this Sag/Gemini Super Moon also happens to enjoy/endure a very powerful and EXACT! T-cross: subtle Neptune, via two 90° frictional squares that bifurcate the 180° opposition, floats through dreamy, formless Pisces, where deception, dreams, and spirituality mingle, and it’s hard (impossible?) to tell which is which and what, if anything, is real. Yes, here we are, seeking more and more facts (Gemini), to discover our larger (Sagittarian) vision, our perspective or worldview, but it’s hard, so hard, when everything seems to just smear together (Pisces), melt into a fluidic state where nothing is as it seems and all who wander are lost.

From now and for the next three weeks, until December 22, when Mercury turns again, at 13° Sagittarius, to go direct, we are tasked with thinking deeply about our own overall, uniquely personal world-view, the philosophical stance from which we see everything; and, I would say, in this process we are asked to include the subtle, invisible realms of Neptune into our 3D reality. Better yet, let us utilize this extraordinary time to tune into our own multidimensionality, so that we can begin to move easily between the 3D literal material world of scarcity and linear causality, and the imagination, which invokes the expansive   5D world of infinite, generous, abundant presence, where synchronicities abound and everything rises and falls together in an ocean of Love.

The full retrograde period won’t actually end until Mercury, going forward once again from December 22 on, crosses back over the point where it started its retrograde period which is, remember, at the final degree of Sagittarius, now conjunct Saturn.

Saturn will leave Sagittarius, where it has been for 2.5 years, for Capricorn, on December 20, one day prior to the Winter Solstice. Mercury will not cross back over 29° Sagittarius until January 11, 2018.

So yes, deep and continuous thought required during this finale of 2017, and on into the new year. Not to decide, once and for all, what is Truth (Sagittarius), what not (for Neptune assures us that is impossible); instead, we ask: how am I going to take my stand, what is my point-of-view, the “point” from which I “view” the entire panoply, both within and without. Let us learn how to engage all that swims into view, both within and around us, claiming to be “truth,” but actually mere tiny glimpses into the eternal mysterious divine dance of Neptune’s Big Love.



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