DC Op? Exercise? — and . . . GOOD NEWS!

Red-pilled folks know that the satanic cabal must, in some way, let us know what’s going to happen before it does. Which makes me wonder about today’s “exercise” in D.C., and yes, announced beforehand. Realize that it may be an op, not an exercise, or, the two may be going on simultaneously, to confuse.

Meanwhile, all sorts of other “events” are planned for this summer, possibly the most crucial summer of our entire lives.

Cyber Polygon: Will the Next Globalist War Game Lead to Another Convenient Catastrophe?

Get and stay centered, folks. Meanwhile, to help maintain a larger perspective: here’s CJ Truth’s  updates for the GOOD NEWS from the last two weeks.


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  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Wasn’t it also 9-11 that there was some training exercise at the same time? Seems to be their MO and they rarely stray away from it. Odd. They’re odd and sick in the head as well….Training exercise my foot! Keep watching! VK

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