Days in advance, the powerful April 26th Scorpio Full Moon belches long buried gunk to the surface

Note: For yesterday’s post on the upcoming Full Moon, see this. 

I notice, more and more, that this Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon is already unusually impactful, bringing to the surface, clarifying and even completing long festering feelings, attitudes, situations that have been building to a climax underneath; roiling, like magma, or like a writhing body in its death throes.

For example, I just heard this morning, of a middle-aged woman whose son, who has long suffered from some kind of mental illness, died a few days ago. Suicide?

Another example: one of my oldest and dearest friends, whose husband has been “going downhill” for at least seven years, holding her and one of their sons hostage to his increasingly demanding, demented, needs, called me yesterday. (About three years ago, this son, a generous soul, picked up his life in California and moved back to Massachusetts where his parents live in order to help her care for his dad.) Ray is an enormous man, and in his prime a wonderful, brilliant, caring being; now this 76-year-old has been reduced internally to the emotional state of a two-year-old.

She and I have been in communication by phone about once a week for two months or so; it’s as if we have been holding a vigil, awaiting Ray’s final writhing death throes, because that’s what she figures it will be, an awful, haunting — no! no! don’t wanna go! —ritual of release.

Yesterday, she told me, the hospice people, who have been regularly visiting for the past few months, bringing her trace amounts of medicine to calm him when needed, decided to offer “respite care” for five days, to give her and their son needed time off. But of course, as expected, when she went to get the “big baby” up for the trip to the hospice house, he refused, and raised holy hell, crashing around, throwing things — despite her telling him in her usual soothing voice that it would be fine, that they would treat him well, and then he would return after five days.

Finally, she asked him, in a loud voice, “Ray, who do you love?”

“ME!!!” he thundered.

Not even six months ago, had she asked that he would have said that he loves her!

The ambulance arrived and managed to pick him up. Then, when they got him there, he was so unruly that the hospice people called her back and said that it’s time for him to stay there. That he should not come back home, given his out of control instincts. Also, she had let them know that he hadn’t wanted to eat anything for the past two days — big sign that the end was near.

So now he’s being sedated more deeply than before, no longer by mouth, but by injection. And she, my friend, has been released!

I told her he would likely pass with this next Full Moon, especially since his Sun sits at 7° Scorpio, exactly conjunct the Full Moon.

Given Ray’s enormous life energy, even in this late stage, no surprise to me that it would take a powerful Moon like this for him to finally uproot himself from this embodied life.

BTW: Laura Bruno has now published her very thorough post on the upcoming Full Moon, going into much more detail than I can muster. Enjoy!

Scorpio Full Moon – April 26

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