Day Two? Day Three? of Trump’s CV-19: what’s real, what not? PLEASE PRAY.

Update: The President’s physician has now corrected himself to say that 72 hours was incorrect. (See below.)


Rumors swirl around the CV-19 positive test for the Potus, especially given that he supposedly left the White House for Walter Reed yesterday. As Catherine Austin Fitts opined, via twitter, something like “I hope he does better than Forrestal there.” In 1949, the nation’s first Department of Defense Secretary James Forrrestal supposedly “jumped” to his death from a Walter Reed window. 

Then there are reports, which I see once in a while, that Potus and Flotus are actually aboard AF-1 . . .

And reports that, of all the politicos, only Republicans have been infected with the virus in this round.

And, of course, I wonder, was Potus on HCQ all this time? Or had he stopped taking it prophylactically. Plus, what the hell is he doing taking an “experimental cocktail” that has yet to be tested — in the WH before he supposedly went to Walter Reed, where then given Remdesivir, a drug with not nearly the success rate as HCQ. Or, is the plan for him to do everything doctors recommend, and then take HCQ, which will finally cure him? I.e., is he using his own body to educate the American people? Now THAT would be the supreme sacrifice, and I do not doubt he is capable of it.

According to yesterday’s, Regeneron is not only experimental, it is also synthetic, thus introducing synthetic biology into the body of the Potus. How could that possibly be good? She is extremely alarmist about the evil potential of this drug.

Dave of X-22 Report mentions Regeneron, but nothing about it being synthetic. His own speculation is that Potus plans to take HCQ, but not until after all the other remedies are shown not to be effective (as above).

The timing of this event continues to confound me and many others. It just seems so perfect, somehow, or so perfectly horrible, given the most crucial election in the history of this nation, only one month hence.

For example, here’s someone that claims the DS had planned to infect him and others one week before election, but he outfoxed them by “getting it” now.

This next two tweets reminds me of those I posted yesterday.

And yet:

Though, unlike,  Rappoport does not claim that the Regeneron cocktail is “synthetic,” he IS alarmed by the fact that it has been given to Trump. Again, that, plus Remdesvir? What gives?

The so-called press conference with Dr. Sean Conley and his team of about a dozen others,  held for about ten minutes starting at about 11:40 this AM EDT, did not reassure, despite that he said Potus no longer has a fever, and “is not on supplemental oxygen now.” To the many questions about whether he had ever been on oxygen, he prevaricated.  Meanwhile, he began by saying that we are now at 72 hours after diagnosis, which puts it earlier than the original Trump tweet shortly after midnight, yesterday.

What gives? What’s real?

Rappoport followed his first post with another one. As he says, let’s hope they don’t decide to put him on a ventilator, because  they have been killing 80% of those put on them during CV-19.

Walter Reed Doctors Are Endangering Trump’s Life


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9 Responses to Day Two? Day Three? of Trump’s CV-19: what’s real, what not? PLEASE PRAY.

  1. Catherine Watson says:

    It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that so many people at the event for Amy Coney Barrett got Covid-19. Most of the people were not wearing masks, and most were Republicans. There is no dark, deep-state conspiracy against these people. Their own foolish behavior has sadly caused many to get sick. There was little mask-wearing and no social distancing – two proven protections from the novel coronavirus – amongst these people. President Trump and the First Lady, and so many other people – who happened to be mostly Republicans – have thumbed their noses at highly respected scientists and medical doctors for months now. It is tragic that so many are ill from this event, but who can be surprised? The timing is irrelevant. The fact that it is close to the election has nothing to do with why they got sick. They got sick, because they didn’t wear masks and socially distance. They weren’t picked on, no one was out to get them. Now we have a President and many of his associates who have this deadly virus. No amount of good vibrations and eating right and holding positive energy – as much as I believe in these things – can protect people from this virus. That’s not scientific. I will rely on science and facts, not conspiracy theories, secrets, and mysterious “hints” from an anonymous source as the basis for my understanding of how to stay safe and sane during this complex time in our history. I pray for the swift recovery of the President, his wife, and all affected by this virus – caused, unfortunately, by their refusal to listen to what top epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists have told us is the common and easiest way for people to control the deadly virus. I have no wish to invite hatred at this response, for it is not said in any bitterness or ugliness of spirit – rather as a simple expression of one person’s opinion. May we please disagree peacefully, and nonviolently? There is enough hatred. I say this with a loving spirit, even if others may not agree.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      And yet there are many docs and epidemiologists and other experts who do not go along with either social distancing or masks. For all sorts of reasons. And remember Sweden’s experience.

      • Catherine Watson says:

        I will take that report with a grain of salt. People are always going to step up on both sides, arguing their point. I choose to go with the doctors and specialists and news sources who I respect the most. I’m sure you will do the same. The overall consensus amongst those I respect the most are that masks and social distancing are useful tools in protecting from the virus. A lot of people who have gotten Covid who did not previously wear masks, urge people now to wear them and to socially distance. For me this is plain, old-fashioned common sense – a very basic and sensible thing to do that’s easy to do and smart. Sweden is playing with people’s lives, and plenty have died there. Herd immunity will cause a huge increase in deaths. I’d rather couch my bets with masks and social distancing – for the good of my own health, and also that of others around me. I pray the President recovers and does so easily and quickly. I wonder if he will be one of the people who’s gotten this virus, recovered, and changes his tune on these two simple ways of encouraging healthy habits to “fight covid.” One article on Sweden does not convince me.

  2. Ellen says:

    I am unable to say what it is that is actually going on here. I am pretty sure that no one can. We have no way to know if what they are saying about the treatment he is receiving is actually what he is receiving. They feel obligated to tell the American people a story. There is no way you can trust news,most especially now. We all know that much.
    If he is ill and weakened, My hope and prayers are for a swift recovery and a return to strength. I want the best for him and the best for the country.

    While l do not know this is the case, l can’t help but think if a person needed cover, this would be convenient and easy. He might need to go under the radar or need protection for some yet to be determined reason. This is perfect for that in my estimation. The next coming weeks have some astrological punches that will bring some likely unexpected and unsettling news. I hope the news of his health is not a part of this equation.

    My gut feeling and intuition is that he will be fine health wise. I think there may be something else afoot. Not saying l am right, l just sense something else is happening. Time will tell.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes. Who knows. It may be that he has a double at Walter Read, and is actually under cover, elsewhere. It would be a perfect cover, especially since it garners literally everybody’s eyeballs on his “condition” while who knows what else is going on.

  3. Tony Costa says:

    I have no idea what is up with the president, but I do know that there is a definite attack on all news that does not match up with MSM interests. Just recently, I saw that this article, one of the best I have read that describes the farce that is the PCR test itself, has been now deemed to be “fake news” by Facebook:

    In that article, the inventor of the PCR test himself, Nobel-prize winner Dr. Kary Mullis, describes that his test was NEVER designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as it could produce as much as 100% false positive results – and it could be INTENTIONALLY tweaked to do so.

    Not only that, but he went on the mainstream TV show “Nightline” – twice – in 1994 where he not only described the fallacies of his own invention, but also he called out Dr. Fauci personally for using that test to pad the numbers of AIDS patients so he could wrest more grant funding for himself. And now, Facebook is memory-holing those episodes as “fake news” that never happened.

    And now it has been proven that Dr. Fauci’s organization gave millions of dollars of funding to the Wuhan lab where COVID supposedly was released from, and a former co-worker of his, Dr. Judy Mikovits, has a number-one best selling book describing the misdeeds of the “esteemed” Dr. Fauci. She has even produced two documentaries about her experiences, the first one, “Plandemic”, which has been completely scrubbed from all MSM outlets despite it having nothing but verifiable truths.

    What really gets me the most though? I work as a scientist with doctors. NONE of them will even LOOK at this material, and they believe the MSM without even bothering to do their own due diligence. It really is true that the most intelligent people are the most ignorant in many ways, as they just accept whatever the MSM tells them is the truth and all others are therefore “conspiracy theorists” and should be ridiculed.

    We are at a very perilous time in history because of this bifurcation of the human psyche. This will have real-world effects. Ann, if you haven’t read it yet, read that book I gave you on the “Human-Cosmic Connection”. The events described there are occurring now, and it is all tied in to this division in humanity. Soon events will transpire that will cause a TRUE physical division between us unless there is some kind of unifying event…take care.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Did you give me that book? I don’t see it here. But would love to read it. I’ll get it somehow.
      As smart as Trump is, he has not seen through the way the medical system works, or he would have INSISTED on HCQ.
      Plus, I agree. Won’t go near one of those PCR (or any other!) tests.

      • Tony Costa says:

        Yes, this is the book I gave you in the parking lot when we parted in CA:

        You posted a picture on your blog some time back showing your backlog of books and it was there. It is never more relevant than it is today.

        Anyway, the reason I mentioned that article above being banned by Facebook is because I was using it to red-pill people who were on the fence re:COVID. It’s hard to discredit a Nobel-prize winner who went on a MSM TV show to call out Fauci for fraud – and who never got sued for doing so. The fact the MSM is caught red-handed memory-holing something that actually, verifiably happened ON THE MSM ITSELF is very, very chilling…

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