David Wilcock: The Nightmare Is Almost Over: Part II

DavidWilcockSearchWhile I appreciate Wilcock’s clarity, insights, relentless research and discovery process, not to mention his blithe willingness to stick his neck out over and over again, sometimes his posts repeat and summarize what we who have been waking up for awhile now have also, already, grokked. Like this one.

And that’s not to mention how his posts do feel, in part, like advertorials. Too bad, because his work would be that much stronger were he to learn to separate his often extraordinary info and perspective from his self-congratulatory tone and announcements of where and when we can find him or his amazing work next.

The Nightmare Is Almost Over: Part II


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2 Responses to David Wilcock: The Nightmare Is Almost Over: Part II

  1. Totally agree with you Ann. Love David but he does go on & on too much. Wld love it if he were more to the point instead of reams. May be his lack of boundaries Piscean nature that knows no bounds!

  2. Kim Hayes says:

    Yes one wonders about the fine line between healthy ego & narcissism! There are great self promoters in history as well…..Salvador Dali was a one man PR campaign and Frank Lloyd Wright another famous self promoter. Neither were classified as the best or greatest in their fields, yet both were financially successful because of self promotion.

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