David Wilcock: Anonymous has infiltrated the military — and much, much more

Mycelium RH (6). Wikimedia.

Mycelium RH (6). Wikimedia.

Can’t you just see it? Working underground, like a glowing myceliac web, all the little nodal figures like Ed Snowden and Bradley Manning, busily burrowing away, breaking code and collecting data. Whistleblowers mushroom up, one after another after another. There will be no end to it. Until it is done, and the cabal defeated.

Nature’s Internet: The Vast Intelligent Network betneath our Feet

When are the crusty old guys going to realize that the nimble young guys always have the edge? It’s a generational thing.

Except for the advertorials at beginning and end of this deeply connecting-the-dots piece by young David Wilcock, it’s utterly fascinating. In fact, I felt sorry for the Korean Restaurant in which I was sitting, bug-eyed and enthralled, lunch long digested, all other tables emptied. Left a 30% tip as a thank you for their kind willingness to let me finish before leaving.

And yes, I will order his new book, The Synchronicity Key, and not because David urges me to, but because of its evident merit, if this piece is any indication.

CONFIRMED: U.S. Military Alliance Defeating the Federal Reserve

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    For some reason Exopermaculture had disappeared from my wp reader. I am so glad and grateful to have it back! Also great to see another in depth article from David Wilcock. I always learn something new, and I really enjoy his breathless excitement about the things he is writing about. After reading a lot in academia it is such a joy to have fun reading something that has real learning involved;-)

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