David Icke vs. Drake/Fulford/Wilcock?

I promised myself I wouldn’t post anything this weekend, wouldn’t even look at a screen, but of course the internet is a serious addiction and I try and fail, continuously, to keep myself away.

BTW: watched a very interesting movie on netflix last night, “Lbs.,” about a man with a serious junk and fast food addiction, with the obese actor as actual subject! In other words, we watch his weight going up and down, his successive attempts at going cold turkey, the reactions of his friends and family . . . This man’s struggles to discover and integrate his whole being are real, and the film itself had me on the edge of my couch a number of times; for it is beautifully timed, with a tone both sweet and melancholy, painfully in touch with real life’s no easy endings.

Meanwhile, back to my internet addiction: last night, after the movie, I noticed that in his newsletter, set to go out on Sunday, David Icke will call the whole elaborate mass arrest scenario as promoted by Drake/Fulford/Wilcock — and that many of us have been eating up as hopefully true — as a bunch of poppycock. (That’s my word, not his.)

American Kabuki also noticed Icke’s condemnation, and his response is to reaffirm Drake, etc. and gently call Icke to task.

I want to take a different approach, and say, once again, that what is important, especially during these volatile, confusing times when all sorts of bizarre and “hard-to’believe” things are or are not going on, on all sorts of levels, with most of them apparently surface distractions pulled by hidden strings from levels even deeper down — is that we let go of all need for certainty, for “true beliefs.”

In so doing we recognize that, we have, without realizing it, as a culture and individually, split our minds from our bodies, and, with Descartes, cathected into the mind, leaving the body behind as a sort of automaton that we drag along while trying (and failing) to bend its desire for pleasure and avoidance of pain to our will.

In short, we’ve substituted the mind’s craving for intellectual certainty for our body’s real need for physical security. We think our need is for certainty, but in reality our need is for security.

Security belongs to the root chakra, where survival is at stake. And that is, I attest, the problem with all strongly held claims — and yes, I include this one, a strong claim that veers on itself becoming a so-called “true belief” that I clutch to my bosom as if my life depended on it!

Let’s face it. Whether or not we are mind-controlled by others, we are certainly mind-controlled inside our own bodies.

Rather than flowing spontaneously, expressing our beautiful, unique, original body/mind/spirit natures in concert with the whole as other beings do, we look at situations as if we are separate from (and, hopefully, above, superior to) what we are perceiving and try to determine “what’s true” and “what’s false.” As if we can delimit the infinite complexity of the multiverse inside which we inextricably participate and help shape with our puny little minds!

Again, let’s face it. Wars of all kinds, whether mental or physical or emotional or spiritual, begin when so-called “true beliefs” clash.

What happens when, instead, we allow our consciousness to sink beneath belief? Beneath expectation of any kind? Who’s there? Well, it turns out, we all are, “there,” here, present, all of us with all the animals and plants and rocks and rivers and planets and galaxies and ETs — all one awareness. All One. Not Alone. None of us alone. One infinite streaming awareness kaleidoscoping joyfully and forever through form after form after form . . . YES!

So David Icke throwing down his gauntlet is to me a reminder of this fact, that once again I need to remember to drop my beliefs as to what is or is not coming down the pike. Drop any sense that I know anything for sure. In doing so, I land right back in Terrence McKenna’s little two-minute video that to me, complements the Bill Hicks short video, for its wisdom.

McKenna: terence-mckenna-nobody-understands-what-is-happening-nobody

Hicks: comic-bill-hicks-offers-the-most-concentrated-truth-ever-in-1-47-minutes/

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  1. Pamela says:

    I watched Lbs on Roku last night, too. Weird. 🙂

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