David Icke: "I call 2012 a spiritual Y2K"

David Icke talks about a worldwide shift in consciousness occurring now, and accelerating, without hanging it on to “2012” as “the reason.” I too, have noticed what he refers to, that the expectation of “2012” keeps people in the little box of the mind, where they hang on to an imagined future event and are thereby disempowered in the present. Instead, as Icke says so eloquently, let us open our minds to the awareness of infinite consciousness.

My notes from excerpts of the transcript of the video (which seems to have originated in 2009), appear below it.

[Thing appear to be getting worse and worse, and this is the] disharmony seeking to hold on to its power from this reharmonization.

What we’re seeing is a force of control in its death throes, trying to cling on to the control that is its self-identity. This thing is going to go on for awhile, appearing to get worse and worse and worse.

To be honest, I call 2012 a spiritual Y2K. I think it’s a diversion. It’s very hard to see where this thing actually came from. So much stuff only becomes accepted truth through repetition.

I am suggesting that 2012 is the lime in the corona bottle [which started when one guy in a bar wanted a piece of lime in the top of his bottle; by the end of the evening, another person had asked for a lime in his corona]. It’s repetition, repetition, repetition. By 2012, this vibrational change will be three years further ahead. So yes, it’s going to be imposing itself more. I don’t see 2012 as a special year. . . compared to 2011, 2013. It doesn’t matter whether it is or it isn’t, except that I and others are getting people saying to them, “well, what’s the point in doing anything, because it’s all going to change in 2012 anyhow.” Which is what they want. A holding position. “You do nothing for the next three years, and then we can push ourselves on you unmolested.”

What the conspiracy has done is pulled people’s sense of reality into mind, so that they become mind-dominant. So that they become detached from what they really are, which is consciousness. They are given a false self-identity. So if you open to the understanding that you are infinite consciousness having an experience, then you’re going to relate to this world in a very differenty. You try controlling 6.5 billion people in that awareness state. Forget it. You have to pull them into myopia, a sense of limitation, into a sense of “little me” and you do that by pulling them into mind.

The programming starts immediately upon birth, with parents. Then schooling, university. Media. Everybody’s telling you the same thing. You live your life in manufactured ignorance. Disconnect people from the awareness that they are consciousness. Pull them into mind, which operates through the five senses, isolate them in mind, and then, when you’re in that state, where do you look for an understanding for what’s going on in the world? Out through the five senses.

The people who have structured society to disconnect you from the awareness that you are infinite consciousness, also control the information coming in through the five sense. They isolate you into mind, and then program that mind into the reality that fits the agenda.

When you open your mind, open your auric field to reconnect to the higher levels of self beyond mind, then you’re moving the point of observation. Now the world looks very different. Now you can see the connections. Now you can see what’s going on. That’s why the prime foundation of this whole conspiracy is holding people in mind. There are vibrations going on now that moving people out of just mind awareness. And that’s the real revolution, what’s going on.

Twenty years ago, when I started talking about this, I was a BBC anchor, it was national news that I had gone crazy, gone mad. Your life falls apart, your relationships end, you lose your job. Two years later, I was walking down the street and being laughed. What was happening was my old energy state was my old energy state, vibration state, was breaking down to be replaced by another one, because of the transformation that was going on. What I was experiencing, as an apparent nightmare experience, was the old structure collapsing so the other one can come through.

Who’s controlling who? Collectively, the system is collapsing. The system that’s enslaved generations upon generations of people. And if the system didn’t collapse, it would crush and snuff out, as it has! — any attempt to create an alternative system. What’s happening is we are seeing our prison disintegrating.

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