David Icke at Zucotti Park talks about Occupy

I too, watched this David Icke video at OWS, filmed the day after the Zucotti Park camp was dismantled, and found it inspiring. Thanks to beforeitsnews.com. Read more at The Tap Blog.

Brilliant Insights into the Occupy Movement

January 11, 2012

For the last week Julia has been investigating the Occupy movement. This is her report.

Hi Tap,

Just watched the new David Icke vid where he tours Wall St, filmed in November after the violent Zucotti Park eviction.

This is the best and most cohesive thing I have seen on Occupy, and its relationship to OWG.

David Icke his usual insightful self, hitting the nail on the head every time. Very good interviews with protestors. Discussion of potential of OWG infiltration, and internal factions, of which there are many instances, but the movement still survives and maintains its leaderless, horizontal, directionless non-structure.

Interesting bit about the gullibility of many protestors due to a lack of knowledge of OWG. Some kind people have come to the camp and offered flu jabs which many accepted unquestioning, not understanding what is behind this. Footage of a policeman dressed as a protestor, very clear evidence. The police presence is astounding and very violent, including a broken arm and teeth knocked out. Media is repeatedly being blacked out.

Drunks and addicts are being sent there to join in and disrupt and discredit Occupy. ID documents and possessions have been confiscated, at the same time as protestors are being asked for ID to walk down the street. The overall feeling is that Occupy is still a really big threat to OWG (as at 17th Nov), but the real tasks now are to get informed of the whole truth, and to unite across all belief systems and politics.

Full length is 51 mins:

The last 14 mins only is Interview with Luke Rudkowski. Luke has been filming and recording OWS since day 1, and offers brilliant insights into the Occupy movement :

Watching this made me realise how much negative Occupy stuff is being planted on the Internet in alternative media streams (how many people and how much money are they allocating to stamp out Occupy?), including one that was recently posted in a comment on The Tap. If a vid makes me feel depressed and POWERLESS, then I have to question its source.

I can watch/read some really disturbing stuff and not feel this way, providing it comes with the right intention, because real information makes me feel EMPOWERED.


I’m a Conservative who flips over to UKIP from time to time, and back again. One day the two parties will amalgamate. I will be whole once more.
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