DAMN! It’s “bite the bullet” day!

‘Tis a glorious mid-October day. The sun is shining. I long to be out in the GANG garden.garden.1

Except, DAMN! It’s only 64°, and I need to get into the pond to remove some of the wildly proliferating aquatic plants so that the whole thing doesn’t fill up with gunk before winter.


Well, at least I should clean up the front porch, which has languished since prior to my sudden trip to Baton Rouge (see this and this).


But no, NO! I must wash the damn sweaters. DAMN! The three sweaters that I wore, every single day, all winter long for two years straight without washing. First I’d put on a clean turtleneck, then I’d put on either the angora sweater or the wool one, then the sweater vest over both. Kept me reasonably warm in a house with both pellet stove and thermometer set at 67°.

Wash the damn sweaters? Why not just dry clean them. DRY CLEAN THEM? USE ALL THOSE CHEMICALS? PAY MORE FOR THE DRY CLEANING THAN I PAID FOR THE BROWN ONE? (Yep. A Goodwill sweater).

Oh hell, why not just throw them all away and start over. That’s what other people do. NO. NO! You can’t do that. You must appreciate matter, not just discard it. Please. Remember when you were a kid, and you lovingly washed your prized Jantzen sweater outfit once every two weeks? Remember how everything you owned (and it wasn’t much in a large family) was treasured? Not just throwaway.

But geez! It’s going to take hours to wash these things. And wringing them dry might hurt my wrist! (See the many posts I devoted to Fractured Wrist Chronicles one year ago).

Oh yeah? Well, tough shit. Deal with it.

Okay, plunge in.

The wool sweater vest, wonderfully thick and green, from Eddie Bauer, is by far the filthiest. No wonder! It’s the one I wear on the outside. The water, I kid you not, is nearly black. Gross. Here it is, wringing wet on a towel on my art table in the room that was recently vacated by my former housemate and permie, Jim. Now the room sits forlorn, awaiting what’s next.

wool vest

What is next? Not sure. Most likely, a new permie housemate. After, that is, I enjoy at least a few months of solitude, for which I feel guilty, since I know that, given the energy descent and limited non-renewable resources on a finite planet, we’re not supposed to live such spacious lives, that at most all I really need (and love best of all) is the magic 20-foot diameter yurt I used to occupy in the Tetons.


My sweet yurt 1984-2003

Or, maybe it will once again revert to an art room. That means I’ll have to reactivate that part of myself. Are we allowed such luxuries during such a volatile, unpredictable, revolutionary time, this long-running, exciting, terrifying Uranus/Pluto (2012-2015) global emergency? Or must we, yes, dare to express ourselves fully, each of us in our own unique and irreplaceable manner; that this is how the world will change, how we will, together, in concert, transform the selling of both our souls and our common heritage for short-term goals.

Okay, here’s the purple sweater. This one is harder to wash, given that it has sleeves. And I really love this sweater, too. Angora, so soft. Thank you, Claudia, who gifted it to me! (See our recent trip to Thailand, in Thai Tales) The zipper no longer works. Is stuck half-way down. But who cares? I just step into it.

angora sweater

Okay, I saved the really gross picture for last, though actually, this brown Swiss Goodwill sweater, a scratchy wool, was not nearly as dirty, so water not as brown. That’s because I prefer the purple sweater and wore it more, much more. Even so, look at this. Disgusting. Two years worth. Can you believe? And it didn’t even smell!

filthy water

Hey maybe people in other countries don’t wash their clothes as much as we do here. Maybe it’s not really necessary. Didn’t I just find that out? Well, no. Because I wore a just washed turtleneck underneath, changing it every two days, with quick showers daily. How many of my wasteful cleansing rituals are really necessary?

Okay, now here’s the kicker. The way I REALLY had to bite the bullet. I had to recognize that my sweet Shadow, here looking so innocent, is riddled with fleas.

he may be cute, but That the expensive, toxic flea medication has stopped working. That I have to both give him a bath in some kind of flea shampoo and vacuum the rug he sits on here, and all the floors, every square inch of them, probably daily, for at least a week.

Ouch! And that’s not even the kicker. Nope! The scratchy brown Swiss sweater, it turns out, has holes in it! Moths? I don’t know. Front, back, and both sleeves. Yep. I must have kicked it to the floor of the closet sometime last spring.


Will I wear it even so? Will my new enlightened “materialism” continue? Will I love this sweater even as it unravels?


Now I’ve got to get ready for the immanent arrival of my son Colin, his partner Greta, and my niece (sister Paula’s daughter) Megan. Dinner for four. Potluck. Fun.

Oops! Vacuum, first!


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0 Responses to DAMN! It’s “bite the bullet” day!

  1. Rita Marsh says:

    Thanks for sharing your day of Fall activities, Ann. I got a few chuckles of familiarity.

  2. jjsanto1962 says:

    I have to say that I do not think that I have ever seen anyone post so many excellent topics within one day. What I had time to read ( in one day ) was very rewarding for my mind and soul. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing in very refined inner world with us.

    I highly recommend using tea tree oil for the fleas. Just rub a little in her coat and then allow it to do it’s magic. You could wash it out the following day but I have never seen it harm a pet….as long as it is modestly applied. You can even sprinkle the tea tree oil on carpets and upholstery. You can also try pyrethrum which you can get from a health food store. The flower is notorious for repelling blood suckers. ( DAMN! Maybe it would work on the 1% ? just kidding……I think. )

    I am thoroughly enjoying what I am reading here on your blog and plan on making this my start up page.
    Magnificent work here………..it has the scent of an Alchemist’s laboratory.

    • Wow! Thanks so much for the affirmation. “It has the scent of an alchemist’s laboratory.” Whew! I don’t know if I’ve ever appreciated a comment as much.

      And tea tree oil for fleas! Yes! Will get some tomorrow.

  3. sylvia says:

    Sweet post. Sending you a big kiss!
    have you heard of diastomeceous earth for fleas? Might be worth investigating, although Wwe usually try andthe lots of vacuuming approach.

    Argh…my comments on your blog can never be edited with my phone, if I try erase it blanks out other parts of the post, very strange. Never mind.
    Have a lovely and wooly warm day!

  4. laurabruno says:

    Sounds like my weekend! I’ve got concrete blocks to move as bases for cold frame teepees, compost and soil to mix then dump onto a raised bed, bulbs to plant, tomato plants to uproot, another cold frame to install, massive amounts of mulch to move, rosemary to dig out and re-pot for a winter indoors, tomatoes to can, fall asters and feverfew going to seed (yikes!) and it’s pouring outside!

    Yesterday was, of course, gloriously sunny, but I had multiple sessions and my back needed a break from the previous night’s moving of 700 pounds of concrete by myself. Now, today … these things really need doing, and my elbow says no to canning while the weather says, “Oh, please! There MUST be a better day to do THAT.” Frost on Monday, though … LOL, maybe it would just be easier to ask the Nature Spirits to delay the frost a bit. I do love the little (and big) tasks, but a rainy day like this softly says, “C’mon, read those new books you bought for winter. Snuggle under a blanket.”

    Glad you got so much done yesterday! My sister’s dog just had a run-in with fleas. Not fun.

  5. laurabruno says:

    Oh, also … a couple things about resources:

    Regular skin brushing will dramatically lessen how often you need to shower.
    Diatomaceous Earth is messy but supposedly helps with fleas, too.

    • To Laura and Sylvia! Yes, I am sprinkling diatomacious earth on Shadow’s beds. Looking suspiciously at the cat, too, though she is not scratching herself.

      Regular skin brushing. Interesting idea, and I will experiment with it.

      Laura — be good to yourself. How much do you REALLY have to get done in the garden before winter?

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