Daily Psy-ops Department: Burning Man on National Mall — and beyond


Hey, and what’s in store for us today in the gladiator capitol of the world, Washington, D.C.? Amidst the snarling battles during the ongoing so-called “government shut down” among those who were “elected” to represent us, we have staged shows, with real victims! Fun!

First, the young woman, now confirmed to have been on meds “for schizophrenia,” mercilessly gunned down; then, yesterday, a man douses himself with gasoline and sets himself afire! Wow! Whoopee! And bystanders rush to help him, waving shirts! And, according to one source, the whole thing is filmed.

Another psy-op? Bread and circuses for the masses? Oops. Make that circuses without bread. Wheat is contaminated with GMO. Wheat is no longer wheat.

You might watch out if you’re heading to D.C. Energy beams might get you. Not kidding.

Oh, and check out Gordon Duff’s new piece.

“Wild Mouse” DC Shooting, An Overwhelming Smell

Not that I want to live in a paranoid way. Just that I want to be aware of the nasty stuff that’s going on while I’m working to build a regenerative future with others of like mind.

Tomorrow and Monday, for example, I will attend presentations at the local library and at IU of one of my favorite Occupy philosophers, Charles Eisenstein, whose contemplation of Sacred Economics informs my daily life. Check this site for many more examples of his work.

And just this morning, a bunch of friendly, industrious Amish men ascended the roof on top of the house next door on which solar is to be installed for both these houses, to put a metal roof up there, first. They volunteer as roofers, and the money I pay them goes to fund their parochial school in Odon, Indiana.



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