Daily, I swing from the deep dark to what’s right with the world . . .

I see in the local paper that over 20% of people in this academic town have now been fully vaccinated against Covid. One of them, a dear neighbor, actually stepped into my house for a few minutes yesterday, wearing a double mask. Didn’t stay long.

Once again, I had no idea he would be one to take the CV psy-op bait. I simply don’t know, when I think about people with whom I’m familiar, which world they belong to now. Because it’s true, we do seem to have arrived at a splitting of the worlds. And though we still occupy the same 3D material realm, our minds (and hearts? and souls?) seem to have diverged into two sharply incompatible ideological, emotional — and even spiritual — realms.

So strange!

Remember Charles Lieber, former Chair of the Chemistry Department at Harvard University? His connections to China? He was arrested in January 2020, the same month that Covid supposedly entered this country accompanied by the rare, and formidable Saturn Pluto conjunction in the sign of Capricorn.

This conjunction set up the dreary scene for all of 2020. 2021, with the Jupiter/Saturn swing into Uranus-ruled Aquarius, feels more eruptive, like anything could happen — and probably will!

BTW: I notice that Lieber is going to go to trial for this, and of course, his science buddies are backing him . . .

What was Lieber really up to? Well, here we go. Url thanks to a friend.

Lawsuit exposes covid jabs as unsafe transhumanist gene therapies

Reading it through, I couldn’t help but think we’re witnessing another David vs. Goliath drama. And I pray for this superb dot-connector, that he remain safe from those who don’t want the truth revealed.

Plus, after all, what good does a lawsuit do these days, given that the Supreme Court itself has been taken over by globalist forces that would do us in.

Crucial point of above article: the jabs not only affect immune cells, but nerve cells.

More and more, it appears that pangenocide is on the table. Accomplished through a vast conspiratorial network that wants us gone. This, thanks to a comment on this blog.


Then there’s the former Pfizer VP who claims: “conspiracy, not just convergent opportunism.”

EXCLUSIVE – Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’

And Judy Mikovits, who has been stomping on Faux Fauci’s tail for many years.

Dr. Judy’s assessment of the mRNA jab: DON’T GET IT.

As Dr. Judy states in this interview with Dr. Mercola, “It is so much easier if you kill yourself, then we [government] don’t have to kill you.”

Again, so strange, that after one year with the covid madness, we’re at this point where those in my world actually mention possible ongoing genocide of the ones who won’t mention it, indeed won’t look at it, think about it or perceive it at all. Simply too awful to contemplate, for them. These, who exist in the other world, not only look the other way, they are excited to join the club of those who get the jab! Like it’s some kind of tribal ritual!

How did this “excitement” business get started? On the MSM? I don’t watch it, so don’t know.

But for me and others like me: having been clued in to the global trafficking of children for many years now, there’s simply nothing that fazes me anymore. Not even this, which I found early today: “90 thousand penises in container found by China.” Can’t remember where I saw this, but the container was from somewhere in Africa. Nigeria? Each penis  brings big money, of course.

Just checked twitter, was it there? Oops, TWITTER IS DOWN.

20 minutes later: Twitter up again. I got it wrong. only 7000 plus penises, but I got the countries right.

Okay, let’s swing back to what’s right about this world. Remember this story? Heartwarming. One old couple brought an entire hillside valley back to life by planting  trees. The result? Species of all kinds flocked, crawled, ran, flew in to celebrate and partake of nature’s welcoming abundance.

As I conclude this post, the famous midwestern songbirds are trilling outside every window. Meanwhile, we’re awaiting the every-17-year cicada outbreak, their furious harmonizing all day long. 17 years ago, I was caught in the spell of a short-lived toxic relationship. This year I’m basking inside the wondrous little Green Acres Permaculture Village.

Seventeen years later, all’s right with my world. Hopefully, by the next time the 17-year cicada concert comes, this entire neighborhood, this entire town, region, nation, earth — will have begun the process of re-membering our place as responsive inhabitants of Mother Nature and the Cosmos within which she, and we, dwell.






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  1. ab says:

    Did Chinese authorities seize more than 7,200 human penises on a cargo ship from Nigeria? No… This story originated on March 19, 2021 on the satire website World News Daily Report. The website makes it clear it is not to be taken seriously with the motto “Where facts don’t matter.” The photo used to illustrate the made-up news story is a real photo from a true news story. On March 9, 2020 customs agents in Nanning, China, busted a smuggling gang, seizing almost 1,808 pounds of scales from the endangered pangolin. Known as the “world’s most trafficked mammal,” its scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine. The article was republished without any disclaimers on Instagram in a post (archived here) on April 11, 2021. The captioning of the post was a promotion mostly unrelated to the screenshot claiming there was of a seizure of human penises…An official news release (English here) from the Chinese government website of the General Administration of Customs includes the photo by Gan Liya and described the March 9, 2020, seizure of pangolin scales:

    In the early morning of March 9, the General Administration of Customs uniformly commanded Nanning and Hefei Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau to jointly launch the “Guard 2020” special operation against the smuggling of wild animals and their products. Nanning, Chongzuo, Guangxi, Bozhou, Anhui, and other places successfully destroyed a criminal gang of smuggling pangolin scales, arrested 9 suspects in one fell swoop, and seized 820 kilograms of smuggled pangolin scales at the scene.


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