D.C. shooting another false-flag psy-op?


Here we go again. Two weeks past the Navy Yard shooting, and just after the Kenyan Mall massacre.

Once again, a “training exercise” parallels a “real life shooting” incident.

So. In this blood sport we call America, the press now slavers over Miriam Carey, yet another sacrificial victim — and her now motherless child.

(My question: why would a dental hygenist be driving a fancy Infiniti? Doesn’t compute.)

Also, of course, was this woman, said to be depressed by her mother, on anti-depressants? Or worse: was she impacted by some kind of directed energy beam? Was she mind-controlled in some other way?

Some say that the shooting was a distraction from the tomfoolery on the Hill re: the government shutdown. I’d say it’s all part of the same ongoing psy-op, meant to foment terror and chaos inside us all, even the lawmakers still collecting bloated salaries while the massively expanded impoverished folk of this nation further tighten their belts.

And of course, all the photos and videos of massive militarized police presence do a fine job of normalizing the idea of a police state.

The daily mail, for example, did a “great” (militaristic) photo spread . . . oh yeah, besides helping to spread the “Presidential stalking” rumor.

‘She thought President Obama was stalking her’: Dental hygienist shot dead after ramming her car into the White House ‘suffered delusions due to postpartum depression’

Oh, and the icing on the cake?

After the shooting, the entire moronic House of Representative gave a standing ovation to the D.C. police “after killing unarmed mother.”

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  1. DutchSinse has a video analysis out this morning purportedly showing some sort of media rehearsal event (implying another staged event “gone live”) associated with the DC Woman gate-crasher.

  2. Foolishly on my part, I trashed it off my iPad early this morning after looking at it. Apparently the “delete” function from iPad email for Google-email does not send the deleted email over to the “Trash bin” , it just permanently deletes. I can not retrieve it. I will keep an eye open and if I find it, post the link for us.

  3. queenvictrola says:

    It feels like a a desperate attempt to distract the public from the outrages of the NSA scandal, similar to the government shutdown story. That tactic only works for so long before the public tires of hearing the jangley keys. It is all high drama. However, unlike the TV shows which are over in an hour, these dramas go on forever, or for as long as needed before the public goes back to sleep.

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