Current Psy-ops Watch and Compendium, in midst of "The Psychology of Denial":

At the family gatherings surrounding our 96-year-old Mom’s recent funeral in Seattle, we sang and told stories about Lady Renee’s life. We did NOT discuss world events. Were we operating in the Psychology of Denial? Or were savoring our small island of sanity in the midst of mayhem. I think the latter.

photo 1

The sign, obscured, says “Keep calm and carry on,” one of the sayings our Mom was famous for and included as the dominant theme in Sister Paula’s story-telling eulogy.

On the other hand, to my knowledge only I, and a few other close relatives, are consciously aware of (and grieving) the seemingly increasing global mayhem, and aware as well that it has been and continues to be mostly promulgated by the American (“Manifest Destiny”) Empire. The others “couldn’t care less.” Or maybe they could, but other things, their own lives and those of their families, take precedence.

Only if one stops and thinks, and especially, turns off the TV and turns to alternative internet news sites, will the reality, admittedly still somewhat hazy, begin to swim into view. I read somewhere that of 284 wars (since when? World War II?, since 1776?), the U.S. created 204 of them. Don’t forget, other governments use false flags too, to start wars and cause mayhem of other kinds. Here’s a recent compendium.

Never Forget: Governments from around the world admit they use false flag terror

The final paragraph of the above report states that people are waking up to the lies their governments tell. Ben Fulford’s latest post says the same thing.

And David Wilcock’s comments on Fulford’s post echo it.

“I do think Ben is right about the world not believing the lies anymore. Major stuff was planned to happen in September by the Cabal, according to the insiders I know, and we will have to see if anything unusual comes to pass. So many of their plans and ideas get thwarted that there is no real way to predict what will happen in advance with any precision — but the move in a positive direction is increasingly inevitable.”

Meanwhile, pay attention to this latest in fear-mongering, a “drill” that just might go live, unless we publicize the hell out of it; so let’s do:

Set for today:

New Emergency Drills Simulate Nuclear Explosion in Nebraska



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1 Response to Current Psy-ops Watch and Compendium, in midst of "The Psychology of Denial":

  1. bumpercrop says:

    What beautiful flowers, and singing and music. a lovely tribute to Lady Renee. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Anne.
    I find myself often, surrounded by the loveliest of people, yet they are deep in sleep. It is a fine line to cross, in nudging them to truth, and feeling demoralized in the effort. I think your forbearance in calming your Sagittarian deep need for honesty and truth, under the circumstance of your mom’s memorial. was sensitively handled. That’s one for the new yet wizened matriarch.
    One of the most difficult situations for those awakened, is to allow others to choose to remain asleep. As long as the internet remains free, (and as we all know, the dark ones are trying to shut it down) most people in the west have access to discovering truth literally, at their fingertips.
    Personally, I am moving closer to letting this strong need I have to awaken others, go.
    We are coming down to the wire now. Sooner or later, it will all be revealed. Stay strong and take heart, for there will definitely be a place for you in paradise.

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