Crop Circles July 2013

Latest Crop Circles; July 2013 & Orbs Creating Them

July 16, 2013

2012thebigpicture via brianhallsawakening

We see plenty of crop circles on the Internet/YouTube, but none in newspapers or magazines, and very few on television programs. Why is that?

If you’re new to crop circles… it’s because the “real” ones are messages from our star brethren, and, of course, the powers-that-were don’t want us to know we are being visited by extraterrestrials because it would open a whole can of worms I won’t go into here.

Some are fake, but many are verified and last year I posted a video showing a couple of orbs or probes caught in the act of making a circle. It’s magical.

At the bottom of the post you can see a video capturing “orbs” making a crop circle.

Rheinau, Nr Zurich, Switzerland. Reported 3rd July.

(click on the links to learn more about each symbol)

Avebury Trusloe, nr Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. Reported 7th July.

Hackpen Hill, Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Report 15th July.

There were others. You can see them at

Here’s a link to video from A & E where they get a couple of guys to admit they made some crop circles, as well as depicting a orb filmed in the vicinity of a circle.

Here’s a video of two orbs making the crop circles.

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4 Responses to Crop Circles July 2013

  1. allen says:

    Though I believe Crop circles for the most part are genuine,save a few man made ones, The pictures above do not appear genuine. There are inconsistantcies in the work that would not appear in the more elaborate non man made ones, I have seen. They are quite good though,, but not perfect like the real ones, in my opinion. Also the fact that there are so many views(which actually make it easier to discern mistakes) taken. I am an artist and notice these things. Plus there is nothing Mathematical or scientific(like Physics) involved in these representations.

    • You may well be right. Certainly, the matter of crop circles is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. To me, the fact that humans are probably creating some of them as “hoaxes” actually forges a link between humans and these other-dimensional entities that supposedly create the rest of them!

      • allen says:

        That’s cool. I just think when humans add crop circles it distracts from the real ones. There is a site which explains how they found that there are physics represented in the symbols themselves, If I am able to locate it I will come post the link if you would like. I meant no disrespect, We all have our opinions and I was just sharing mine. I think we all need to share whatever we can to shed light on this incredible phenomena. I do like the video of the orbs, I have seen it before, I can’t see it in your clip but I think I remember in the original there was a truck driving by in the background during the event. Apparently the driver was unable to see them. Thanks for the response.

      • allen says:

        My bad I went to look up the original, no truck, but I remember there being one in some video I saw. Maybe I will find it again.

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