Covid Chronicles: “TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS WE LIVE IN . . .” Germ Theory v. Terrain Theory

Actually, we don’t live in two different worlds; we just think we do. And as Descartes pointed out, “I think, therefore I am.”

In actuality however, our left-brained rational mind has been conditioned since childhood by parents, schools, media, and the general public, to beLIEve in a world-view that, once we are adult, we don’t even realize we see through those invisible glasses, so obvious does the atomistic world they portray seem to us.

However: I have a strong hunch that, after all is said and done, meaning after all this Covid-19 nonsense has passed, and the so-called “variants” of Covid-19 have also stopped blaring from the MSM propaganda arm of the Globalist NWO Deep State that aims to depopulate the world of its “useless eaters” — that’s most of us, including you and me — that the germ v. terrain debate will become front and center, and in fact, result in overturning the entirety of standard medical education as part of our civilization attuning to much more systemic, holistic, permacultural ways of comprehending the world both within our bodies and beyond.

And yet, menawhile, what better way to subtly force humans into compliance with what the “experts,” the “authorities,” tell them, than to play upon people’s F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) of their own (and others’) bodies?  Scare propaganda, repeated, drummed up, ramped up, to the point where it’s just normal now, to be constantly, chronically afraid, this emotion stressing our immune systems way beyond anything else we could do to ourselves to make sure we DO get sick!  (for confirmation, search “fear and the immune system” on duck duck go . . . lots there to chew on.)

Yep. We’re used to it now, the way people say to one another, upon leaving, “Stay Safe!” Indeed the masked ones, more and more prevalent — perhaps even obeying the fake Fauci, masks doubled up, tripled; masks worn inside, outside, on bikes, running uphill, in cars with windows closed, on and on and on. Many more masks it seems to me — at least here, in this leftist academic town — than during the months when the MSM first began to pump up this massive, hugely successful psy-op.

Gotta get this T-shirt . . .

Today I was at Aldi, waiting to check out. Without thinking, I moved in on the person ahead of me, and then, involuntarily, bitterly humorous sarcasm running like acid from my lips, I began to rant, on and on . . . “Oh! I got too close to you! Oh! Need to back up!” (while doing so dramatically). The guy in front of me, I could tell, even with his mask on, got off on my eruption, but the checker? I felt sorry for him, knew he didn’t know what to do if I had continued. So I stopped.

But geez, did that feel good!

Here are two references that anyone who has not yet succumbed to the propaganda on “the vaccine,” should at least consider. The first, by Sherri iTenpenny, one of the whistleblowers who has been sounding the alarm all along.

And check this out:

I think that all of my blood brothers and sisters have had the first shot of the vaccine so far. I know that one of them was sick for about a week afterward. I shudder to think what the second shot will do to him.

Funny how, just a few days ago, he asked, via email:

And yet, on our zoom calls, I say nothing, while they congratulate one another for having taken the vaccine.

I just hope we all live to have another in-person reunion!

Meanwhile, please, if you have not done so already, educate yourself on the difference between the prevailing germ theory of disease, and the holistic terrain theory of disease. Only one of them is permacultural. Guess which one? The other is the standard medical, scientific way of looking at anything, by dissecting it to its smallest parts (in this case, the germ, either bacteria or virus) and then aiming to kill it. Sound familiar? Likewise, when growing a garden, if a “pest” invades, then spray it with some kind of noxious chemical. Kill the fucker.

In contrast, the terrain theory recognizes that living systems of all kinds naturally work to keep themselves in balance. Consisting of myriads of parts, only some of which we can either identify or understand, they are in constant communication with one another, harmonizing, rebalancing, integrating — so that anything “foreign” can be either assimilated and rendered harmless, or else eliminated naturally.

The body, your body, is utterly brilliant. Knows exactly what to do when stressed to the point of imbalance. Do you naturally find you need to rest more? then do so. Do you find yourself hungering after some kind of food, that you realize later, offered an antidote to whatever you were doing that was undermining your immune system? Pay attention to the body’s cues as to what it needs.

For example, back when I was a smoker (like at least a pcak a day), I used to also devour six to eight apples a day, cores, seeds, and all. Only later, did I discover that apple seeds contain some kind of antidote to nicotine. Hmmm. . . can’t find that info anywhere now. Maybe the cyanide in apple seeds? In any case, the point is real: pay attention to the body’s cravings. It may not just be signaling an out of control addiction, but something quite different, and in fact, life-enhancing.

Here’s a great set of memes that help explain the germ vs. terrain theory:

Terrain Memes by Bob Stagnitto


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1 Response to Covid Chronicles: “TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS WE LIVE IN . . .” Germ Theory v. Terrain Theory

  1. Sylvia says:

    It’s hard to have to witness isn’t it, the hypnosis, the cognitive dissonance, the suffering.

    About terrain theory, have you also listened to the brilliant dr Zach Bush yet? About terrain theory in all levels, health of soils and the virome being a driving force of evolution.

    He also speaks in episode one of ‘vaccines revealed- special covid edition’ if you can find a rerun of that (series showing one episode a day for free, still playing episode 5 or bonus one, I think)

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