“Covfefe”: With everything so dire, is silliness the antidote?

Bizarre Trump Midnight Tweet Sparks Twitter Trolling Bewilderment Mockery

Too bad we tend largely waste our extraordinary human creativity on such “entertainment.” But I did read through the whole article, with all the twittered responses.. And it is funny, damn funny.

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2 Responses to “Covfefe”: With everything so dire, is silliness the antidote?

  1. Marie McKim says:

    It is a tweet that conjures up the image of Mr. Trump, sitting under a “tent” of sheets and blankets, cell phone in hand, tweeting away, when someone knocks on the door, he gets startled and his eyeglasses fall off, he tries to finish his “thought” but typos and smart phone auto-correct kicks in and before he can grope for his glasses, in a sort of automatic gesture, he hits send and puts the phone back under his pillow and says, “Come in.” One is left wondering exactly what he was trying to say but it appears to be something to do with the press conference that was all ablaze on the internet yesterday…it is sad that we have come to this juncture and we can only hope we survive this madness.

  2. Jonnie says:


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