One result of opening the heart, is that we begin to dare to “Question Authority.” And what class has not held more formal weight as an authoritative “expert” than allopathic doctors, indoctrinated, i.e., (usually) unwittingly conned into the narrowly materialist (3D) “beLIEfs” of Rockefeller-mandated “western medicine”?

For example, this hospital patient questioning his doctor about the mask mandate:

Oops! Just tried to go o the link and it has disappeared . . . Censorship?

Meanwhile, kudos to Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin who resisted his senatorial colleagues’ pressure to make sure this bill passed by a single vote.

Just In: Senate PASSES Anti-CRT Bill in Razor Thin Vote; Dems Now on Record Supporting the Marxist Propaganda

More and more, our focus seems to be on the children. As it should be. A number of us have had the courage to open our eyes and stare into the black gunky cesspool of decades, centuries, millennia of child sex crimes, trafficking, ritual murder, adrenochrome, etc. — all of which constitute an extremely profitable currency, as well as a convenient way to blackmail and/or bribe those “in power” to do the will of their handlers.

Though sordid revelations concerning Epstein, John of God, Nxivm, The Franklin Files, etc., not to mention numerous whistleblowers, eg. Cathy O’Brien and Ronald Bernard, have been floating about the internet for years, the focus of our efforts to protect the children are now zeroing in on what seems much more prosaic, namely plandemic-inspired mask mandates, “vaccine” requirements, and Critical Race Theory indoctrination.

School boards all over this nation are now being targeted by parents and teachers who, one by one, stand, and in heartfelt, trembling tones, speak in front of them, demanding they pull back on both masks and CRT.  Newsmax and Tucker Carlson on Fox News are both beginning to laud these courageous warrior women.

Here’s a Momma Bear in Carmel New York

A Momma Bear in Carmel New York Fights Back Against Critical Race Theory and Confronts School Board

Speaking of women, then there’s gutsy Mindy Robinson . . . who held a phone conversation with one of her county commissioners. She reminds me of a cat, playing with her prey. I bet he regretted picking up the phone . . .

Here’s an action you might want to take, thanks to Mindy.

Here’s Clif High’s latest, with Greg Hunter. Might he be correct? I have noticed that the Biden nonsense about sending people door to door re: “are you vaxed?” seems to have died at birth. Hopefully other scare tactics (like FEMA camps for the un-vaxed and political dissidents, one of Mike Adams’ favorites, see this from 2016) will too.

Remember folks. In this polarized 3D world, we have only two choices: F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) or LOVE, which fills and fuels the universe. Fear blinds, divides, isolates. Love inspires, connects, unifies. To choose LOVE is to open our hearts to the Mystery, so that we may be filled with courage, which in turn propels us into higher, fuller, more spacious dimensions. The result? All our dramatic do-or-die conflicts in this 3D world appear as mere play. Cf. Mindy Robinson (above), playing with that County Commissioner on the phone.  

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