Note that I just changed the title of this post from “Courage Continues to Ramp Up.” This is to be one of a series; hopefully many readers will join me in sending good news in your local area: how we are rising up as LIONS to defeat the momentous finale of the long-running plans of the cabal.

Note: see post from yesterday.

More signs of trouble ahead (for the bad guys). And as I list those I have found with only a cursory look through, mostly, Telegram, remember: there are only two authentic emotions: one is Fear and the other is Love. When we fear, we shrink back, in alarm. When we love, we boldly stride ahead, like LIONS, attuned to, and trusting the universe.

I’m happy to note that my adopted state of Indiana (to me: InDiana, goddess of the woodlands), was the location of the most viral post I came across last night, by an extremely articulate and passionate local doctor, in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Looking it up later, I discovered that this little town of 6,000 people occupies the extreme southwest corner of my adopted state. Just think, little old Mount Vernon, now famous, thanks to one of its good doctors SPEAKING TRUTH to his local school board.

Dr. Destroys the Entire Covid Narrative

And, piggybacking on the Alberta man’s insistence that he be shown proof of the existence of the virus, this:

BREAKING: Irish Government Admits COVID-19 is a Fake Hoax Scam which DOES NOT EVEN EXIST

Okay, here’s a good one. How much of a lion are you? Are you willing to go into a jab center and question the jabbers about Adverse Reactions and Deaths?

The White Rose, on Telegram, hearkens back to the original White Rose, in its nonviolent resistance to (this time, medical) tyranny, via leaflets, back then, and stickers, now.

Hmmmm . . . stickers, easy to make, plus tiny, nearly innocuous, with pithy truths that entice the passerby to take a closer look.


I’d like to make one that says: FEAR IS NOT A VIRTUE.

Here are their suggestions as to how to go about making the stickers.

Then there are billboards. But that’s a much bigger production. And requires crowd-sourcing. Stickers are cheap, easy, and fun.

Meanwhile, courage ramp-up is shown in that more and more networks of the courageous are forming:

Saw this, just today:

Please remain aware. Stay focused and centered; put into action what YOU are meant to do during this magnificent turning point time in human history.

And remember:


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