Cosmic Convergence: The Pendulum Swings Again, from West to East

There were times while reading this — another unusually clear and detailed sweeping possible historical perspective on current and future trends from the cosmic convergence group — when I thought I must be back in the ’60s and early ’70s, when we Western hippies were in love with the contemplative traditions of the East and yes, we really did think we could do it, change the world, not just economically and culturally, but spiritually.

This article is another reflection of how the seeds of the new long cycle between (volatile, unpredictable, independent) Uranus and (primal, powerful, death and rebirth) Pluto, set in motion back then (ca. 1964-1969) with the conjunction of these two planets that help shape and reshape the zeitgeist, begin to sprout now, with the Uranus/Pluto 90° opening square (ca. 2012-2015).

Add to that configuration, another one: the fact that both then and now spiritual Neptune occupies a water sign. Back then, we were immersed in the erotic depths of Scorpio; now we dissolve into to the oneness of oceanic Pisces. No wonder the ocean figures so powerfully during these years: Fukushima radiation and other pollution; the missing Flight 370; receding shorelines. . .

The “point” is — that all points we can make, whether intellectual or artistic or territorial, are set inside infinite space (another distinctly Neptunian notion); and furthermore, if we look closely enough at any single point, it opens into infinite space as well. There is simply no end to the infinite reach of the arms of Love. Neptune in Pisces, 2012-2025: we are fortunate to feel the muffling effect of Neptune’s watery embrace with each sharp blow of the Uranus/Pluto jackhammer.

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Locus of Global Power Shifts from the West to the East

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