Coronavirus Question: Are you “in touch with” your own body?

I continue to be flabbergasted by just how  powerfully most people can still be brainwashed to move into total F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) via, in this case, endlessly repeated and exaggerated MSM, Deep State and Medical propaganda all pushing pushing pushing . . .

As Jon Rappoport reports today, this continuous onslaught of mind controlling “news” is the ONLY difference between this virus (if it IS a virus) and others.

Coronavirus: Why It’s Not Like the Other Fake Epidemics

I look at myself, and realize, no wonder it is easier for me to see through the bullshit.


Because have been following my own healing path since I was 30 years old. That’s when I switched off the fear porn the allopathic world was pushing on me and enlarged my perspective to include emotional, mental and spiritual vectors in any bodily “dis-ease”. Indeed, over time, I began to realize that my body alerts me to where and when and how I start to go “off.” My body is my early warning system: something is not right; take a look. feel my way into what’s going on emotionally. Notice what I’m thinking. Notice how current internal and/or external conditions block or deflect the path ahead.

As a result, I’m very much “in touch with” my body, and have been for all these decades. I indulge its desire for movement, walking three to four miles each day, and practicing  yoga, tai chi, and chi kung. I indulge its desires for food and drink, and make sure what I put in my body is as pure as possible, and not too much or too little.

My body is a well-primed “machine,” from one point of view, despite my age of 77; from a more holistic point of view, the body is my direction-finder in the material realm on this 3D planet. Without my body, how would I learn?

So I know early on, if something in my body feels off. And I take action to correct the situation. Actions have varied through the years, gradually moving from homeopathic, to acupuncture, to naturopathic, to supplements of various kinds — and back again, depending. I don’t hold any one or even several approaches as definitively the correct one. Plus, and most valuable, I pay attention to intuition, dreams, synchronicities — all these more right-brain activities offer clues as to how to remedy “what is taking me off-course.”

In short, I see myself as a sailboat, constantly tacking into the shifting wind. Always moving ahead in a certain direction, but through continuous, repeated subtle or drastic course corrections, both right and left.

(Plus, in the mental realm, I’ve been attuned for decades to how fake news operates to gin up the public to go along with whatever direction “they” have decided to pursue. The first and second Gulf wars, for example, and the disgusting lies with which they were promoted! So obviously false to anyone paying close attention.

You can imagine just how I felt about the Russia Gate and Impeachment tomfoolery during these past three years. So obviously politically motivated! And now this bugaboo “virus,” timed to ramp up directly on the heels of the failed Impeachment fiasco!)

I have a feeling that most people are NOT in touch with their bodies, except to feel their aches and pains and no energy or too much energy, all of which they either try to ignore or take various allopathic “medications,” and/or other drugs, and/or alcohol. Meanwhile, they continue eating processed, denatured food, indulging fears and worries of various kinds, sleeping not enough or too much, their eyes devouring tiny or large screens  for hours and hours at a time while their dear, neglected, stiff body either fidgets or goes numb.

Then, of course there’s The Unibomber’s famous quote about how all this connects to society at large:

So why would I be surprised that the public is still so susceptible to medical bullshit, when most people still beLIEve in western medicine, in scientism, and so on. They are sitting ducks for the current propaganda and it makes me very sad.

The corona madness also begins to affect us here. Indiana University is going to suspend all events and go to strictly on-line after spring break for two weeks. Starts this weekend. As of today, our Green Acres Village just lost an Air B&B client, because she was going to attend an IU conference over the weekend.

So here we go, the widening gyre, affecting all of humanity in one way or another. The transit of Neptune through its ruling sign Pisces ((2011-2026) has, slightly more than half-way through its journey, seemingly swallowed the entire human race in its subtle, demoralizing, miasma. And of course, what do we all have in common at the instinctive, least conscious, level? Why FEAR, of course.

So let’s start there, with Fear, and then let’s learn to let Fear go.

Let us move into Neptune’s higher dimension, where Neptune feels most at home: the infinite ocean of unconditional LOVE that fills and fuels the universe.

We DO have a choice, only one choice — FEAR or LOVE — at each and every moment of our lives. (Even “hate” is just Fear in disguise.) Fear contracts. Love expands — into both large detached perspectives on events as well as into the deep recesses of our own and others’ vulnerable bodies, minds and souls.



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  1. Hi Ann–Does your Aire B&B have a private bath? Thanks!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes. You have to cross the kitchen to get there, but it’s the guest bathroom. There is another one down the hall for the two women who live there. Also a private entrance to your room from outside.

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