CORONA CONFUSION: Does today’s Virgo Full Moon herald the Turning Point?

I have a sense that it does. But what turning point?

The one that indicates the moment when the global coronavirus pandemonium begins to recede, diminish in strength. Yes. The moment when the powerful global “bioweapon” spell that the Deep State, with the help of  MSM propaganda, plus the Medical Industrial Complex conjured up, began to dissolve before our very eyes. Yes. The very moment when “the virus” begins to let go and F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) subsides.

I’m not the only one who thinks thus. X-22 Report and the psychic Utsava also weigh in the same way. Utsava, on March 8, tells her patreon subscribers:

The timing of my own information however, is astrological.

What indicates this prognosis?

Here’s the world chart (set for 0° Aries), mid-afternoon, just after I woke up from my nap, and just past the Full Moon:

First: the Full Moon, at 19°37 Virgo/Pisces, just happens be joined with Neptune, which conjuncts the Sun, exactly, today and yesterday. Neptune in Pisces, where it has been transiting since February 2012, and will not leave until 2025, has reached peak delusion, confusion, psychic contagion that yes, “went viral” now, today, on the Full Moon which illuminates it. Inescapably, we have all been immersed in this psychic spell together. The entire world. Terrified. Petrified. Scared to touch others, to gather in groups, on and on. And with Moon in persnickety Virgo opposite: Wash your hands! Don’t touch your face! Use disinfectant wipes! I.e., pay close attention to your daily routines (Virgo) to accommodate the psychic contagion.

Next: Mercury turns to go direct today from three weeks retrograde, these  three weeks when we have been pummeled more and more desperately, by the screaming headline news of those seeking to throw the whole world into F.E.A.R. It worked! On most of us it certainly did work. Beginning now, as Mercury turns on this Full Moon, we can begin to look forward, and to speak out and figure things out, rather than hide inside our own internal fearful mutterings.

And third, last but decidedly not least: This Full/Moon with Neptune happens to be in a harmonious wedge formation (trines and sextiles) with the ongoing stellium in Capricorn, linking Saturn and Pluto since January, and now including both Jupiter and Mars. If ever there was a moment to see and feel how the hierarchical structures of this civilization have been tested, and found wanting, this is the moment.

Specifically, the timing for the stellium:

Mars, now at 15°, moving fastest, conjuncts Jupiter, now at 21° and moving more slowly, in the second half of March, and then moves on to conjunct very slow moving Pluto, at 24°, during the final ten days of March.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, now at 21°, will approach closely approach 24° Pluto from now through the first third of April.

And Saturn, now at 28° Capricorn, is due to move into Aquarius on March 23rd, for a three-month trial run (it will move back into Capricorn at the end of June).

In other words, add this all together, and notice that from now through the first third of April is the crux time, when the wrecking ball, having used Neptune’s psychic contagion  to crash into the economic, political, and cultural structures of civilization, will begin to slow to a stop.

Mars will lend energy to the onslaught; Jupiter will enhance, make it grow and expand; Pluto will drive the life force through excruciating death and rebirth scenarios, and Saturn, finally, by shifting into Aquarius, may give us a glimmer of what it will be like when we do begin to experiment with other, more decentralized ways of structuring society.

That there is a harmonious and stable wedge formation linking the four planets in Capricorn with Sun/Moon/Neptune in Pisces/Virgo is, I feel an indication that the entire scenario is going exactly according to some kind of overall plan or design that we have yet to understand and perhaps never will.

Whatever is started in motion from now through mid-April, will not gain a real foothold until the end of this year, post-election, in mid-December, when both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius within two days of each other, and then conjunct, exactly, on December 21st, Winter Solstice! 

Oh my, am beginning to think that whatever the plan is, it’s being directed from some kind of higher order that sees Winter Solstice as the real new beginning of a brand new age.

Just think! It took a “pandemic” to make us recognize our unity! Slightly after the halfway point of Neptune’s 14-15 year voyage through its home sign of oceanic, mystical Pisces, all humans on this planet Earth, finally UNITED — in fear.

IMAGINE our union, communion, when we switch from fear to LOVE.


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