Contemplating Connecticut, Part 2

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We can look at this latest multiple shooting and blame “the cabal” for its insidious psyops that include mass murders in schools, churches, malls, theaters and office buildings in order to ramp up fear and force obedience. And frankly, I think this perspective is “true” in the 3D world that looks for (and then of course finds) puppets on strings pulled by invisible hands.

And/or, we can view what just happened as a potent drama that mirrors to us like a laser beam just who we have become as a society. A number of commentators are thinking that way. For example, Mike Adams, of naturalnews, who points out that besides offering both distraction and tranced out child care, television, movies, and especially, video games (and pharmaceutical psychoactive drugs) mind-control young white males to grow up to be murderers.

Parents who are horrified by real violence are drowning their children in simulated violence

And of course, we can also say that, just as we are actually paying doctors and big pharma to give us drugs that make us sick and even kill us, so we are paying our controllers to ram programs advocating violence into electronic toys and games.

Mind control on the cheap! A win/win; not for us, but for the makers of the games and the banksters and the cabal. Who needs MK Ultra when you can simply slide those little electronic suckers into every home (on credit of course, so that they are being paid for with interest long after the children have moved on to newer versions of the same).

Then look at our official attitude towards children in the lands we decide to take over, in one way or another, in our hunger for oil and other resources.

“While lamenting with passion over these 20 kids in Connecticut, we lie to ourselves about the bloodthirsty character of our nation.” This quote taken from an article that features an extraordinary little 60 minutes clip in 1996 with Madelaine Albright saying that the price of murdering 500,000 children through sanctions in Iraq, was “worth it.”

Meanwhile, we keep designing and building new weapons of mass destruction — more accurate, more lethal, more automated weapons systems continuously pouring out of the military industrial complex for use both military and civilian.

Why, oh why?

Why a culture of destruction rather than of creation?

And meanwhile, U.S. police forces look ever more militarized as time goes on, and some act that way too. TSA, and the other highly uniformed “security” operations have sprung up like mushrooms after the 9/11 hurricane hurled the U.S. into a determinedly “endless,” world-wide War on Terror that spys and preys on everybody to ensure “national security.”

And of course, there’s our “shock doctrine” capitalist economic system that undergirds all the horror. Rooted in the idea that everybody is in competition with everybody else in a dog eat dog world, we’re all supposed to train ourelves to not just get ahead of other people, but to climb over their dead bodies, if necessary. “Darwinian evolution” (not the real Darwin, but the one invented for this nefarious purpose of everybody killing everybody — except the sacrosanct .001%), on steroids.

While the MSM media may be trumpeting the deep and sharply contested national polarity over the single issue of “gun control,” there does seem to be a larger conversation starting — at least I hope so. For the entire value system of this nation, supposedly, the leader of the “free world,” appears to be deeply corrupt.

Here’s a sample of the kind of article that is beginning to appear in the alternative press. From alternet:

6 Ways to Replace Violence with a Culture of Caring

And here’s a special mid-month message from Mathew, a channel whose monthly messages I often find very valuable, as now.

Matthew’s Special Message – December 15, 2012

As received by Suzy Ward – December 15, 2012 via

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew to speak about the recent shooting at a school in the United States.

To consider this as a singular horrifying event is to miss the purpose of all those who agreed to be involved—the shooter, the little children and the adults who died, their families, the entire community.

Their soul level agreement to participate in their respective roles was for the higher good of allhumankind, and the participants who are in Nirvana are rejoicing about the agreement’s success.

The massacre’s profound message, now ingrained in the collective consciousness, is that the human heart and mind no longer can be inured to killing, killing, killing, no longer is humankind willing to endure it! The shock and grief in Newtown, Connecticut, shook the world and unified people in an outpouring of prayer for everyone affected by the tragedy.

For many years the abhorrence of similar inexplicable acts of violence has been registering with increasing strength in the collective consciousness. A powerful occurrence—the shooting of those youngsters in school—was needed to solidify the collective desire into the intention to end senseless killings everywhere.

And the intensity of high vibrations that are affecting everyone in your world is expanding that intentionto include all preventable deaths—international wars, genocide, “legal” execution, and starvation and disease in the impoverished populace.

Your extraterrestrial helpers are permitted to beam light to all souls on Earth, which increases conscious and spiritual awareness of those who are receptive, but they cannot intervene in situations that are within your ability to change if you so desire.

You have the ability and desire to prevent deaths due to those aforementioned causes. Now that there also is the collective intention to do so, you shall see killing and life-taking deprivation coming to an end and peacefulness and abundance worldwide coming to fruition.

We and all other light beings throughout this universe are adding love-light to yours to help comfort all whose hearts are broken, not only in Newtown, but everywhere on Earth where families are grieving for loved ones who have been killed.

Love is the key to healing your whole world.

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