Constitutional lawyer and political activist Daniel Sheehan’s rollicking journey as an historical figure of our time

Yesterday evening I spent an extremely enjoyable one hour and 48 minutes following the life story of Daniel Sheehan, whose journey has happened to intersect with an enormous number of historical figures in our time. Snuggle up and watch. There’s not a moment when it doesn’t fascinate. In conjuring up why, I’m left with the feeling that it’s because Danny — a son of the first Sheehan male to graduate from high school — puts his whole Irish heart and soul into everything he does; as a result, the world continually rearranges itself around him. There are few people more worthy of the kind of role he has played in seeking not only justice, but a more expanded understanding of the universe in which we live.

He’s just an incredible storyteller!

A few turning points in the video:

About minute 85: one retiring professor’s view of the most important idea in the history of humanity —

About minute 112: on dis-illusionment and illusionment

About minute 120: Sources of idealism in our generation (post-World War II through November 22, 1963, “when the music died”): spiritual and metaphysical

This is a tremendously entertaining and rollicking ride for anyone of any generation who thinks deeply about the present human situation and how to actively participate in our possible individual and collective redemption.

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