Compendium: the Bad, the Ugly, the possible Good (and the SPACE in between)

Once in a while I go through my ipad notes from recent internet surfing and decide to put up a whole bunch of stuff at once. This is one of those times. Here goes:

Have you noticed all the new postings in the alt-media on clerical pedophilia? For example, in the Catholic church, priests abusing nuns.

Sexual Abuse of Nuns: Longstanding Church Scandal Emerges from Shadows

Fireman, turned Christian Prophet (he predicted Trump would some day be president in 2011) Mark Taylor thinks at some point the Pope will be “going down.” More: “This is not against Catholics. This is going to affect all religions. The Catholics are going to look at this, and are going to be disgusted. . . . The pedophilia thing is a global thing. I quote Liz Crokin all the time. She has never ever been challenged on a story. . . There’s a lot going on globally right now, and its not coming out in the media. . . Obama, Clinton . . . these people are going to prison.”

Then there’s the horrific scandal that has enveloped Planned Parenthood around pay for play (millions given to the DNC, and then millions of taxpayer dollars funneled back into PP), plus sale of fetal tissue and body parts. Along with that, there’s the news of full term abortion (infanticide), the latest Democratic outrage. Hmmm . . . if the southern border gets walled, then fewer babies can be kidnapped across and sold for body parts, satanic sacrifices, and adrenochrome? Is that why the Democrats are so outraged by the wall? And is that why the sudden upsurge of laws making full term abortion legal?

The Socialist vs. Capitalist either/or dichotomy is in full display, with literally no one that I can see wondering if there’s a way to combine the best of both and eliminate the worst of both.

Because, let’s face it, we are not taught to think in terms of expanding perspectives, of occupying the mysterious space between any set of polarities, of weighing, balancing, both/and thinking. Everything is either seen as either or, good or bad, yes or no, true or false — or in computer language, 0 or 1, off/on: AI.

Meanwhile, we are propagandized to divide, not just our logical minds into tinier and tinier bits and pieces, but socially too, into smaller and smaller, tighter and tighter little groups of special (superior) “identities;” then so-called “identity politics” teaches us to hate everybody outside that group as “politically incorrect.”

Example: What is it now, 57 different genders? Give me a break! And I suppose those genders are “scientifically” determined? Hmmm. Because . . .

Most Scientific Research of Western Medicine Untrustable and Fraudulent, Say Insiders and experts


Remember me saying I wish DJT could walk barefoot in the forest on mushrooms? Well, maybe he could do it near Denver?

For the first time, U.S. City Will Vote on Decriminalizing Psychedelic Mushrooms

Oh wow, I took that story from an alt-media source, but guess what: google it! NBC, the NYT, Fox News all reported it as well.

Come on DJT, I know you don’t drink or smoke, and for that I laud you. How many of us can say the same? But do try magic mushrooms, just once. Okay? And do take your shoes off and let your big beautiful healthy body walk barefoot, in the Colorado mountain forests. Okay? Please? Oh, I know you think that if you even took a single alcoholic drink you’d be “the world’s worst,” but maybe if you took a single barefoot forest walk on mushrooms you’d be “the world’s best”!  How about it? I dare you. Just once. See what happens! I have a feeling your highly intuitive stable genius mind would just explode with ideas. And that those ideas would include our loving Mother Earth as a precious member of your expanding family.

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