Coincidence: Conspiracy, or Time-Loops?

This evening while eating dinner with a friend. we were talking about the possibility that time runs both backwards and forwards — so that, for example, something lightly touched upon in the past, like a fictional 1999 movie that talks about a disaster say, in Japan, would then seriously manifest, or “come true,” in 2011.

The paranoid part of me says, “Oh, well that means it was planned.” And bristling with that point of view, I immediately jump to HAARP or some other manmade weapon as cause.

Another part of me wonders if maybe time warps, loops, so that the past really does mirror the future, in some kind of strange, uncanny way.

That talk with my friend was 24 hours after a study group that I attended for the first time. One of the presentations last night was on the “new physics,” and showed a graph meant to demonstrate forward and reverse time.

Then one hour ago, after seeing my friend off, this email from Fred Burks, who runs

Dear friends,

I have just experienced what may be the most bizarre coincidence ever.Below is the response I sent to a wonderful supporter named Helen, who emailed today to tell me that she was very surprised to hear my name mentioned clearly in a Mel Gibson/Julia Roberts movie titled “Conspiracy Theory.” I invite you to go to minute 2:45 of the video link below to verify this. I am simply dumbfounded at what I discovered as a result of this. Life can certainly be most bizarre at times. Have a great one!

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton
Hi Helen,

Wow!!! When I first read your comments about my name being mentioned in the movie “Conspiracy Theory,” I very much laughed and thought it couldn’t be true. I figured you must have been hearing the name wrong. Then I found a four-minute intro to the movie at the below link:

At minute 2:45, there it is, plain as can be! How strange!!! If you do an Internet search on my name, you will find that there is no one else with my name who is at all well known. So who is this Fred Burks that the Mel Gibson character mentions?

Now to make this even more weird, the film came out in 1997. Yet in 1997, I knew nothing about all of these conspiracy theories, and was in fact a debunker of conspiracy theories! Before my conversion in July 2001 (the result of information I’ve now posted at this link), I had many debates with my housemate Declan about his weird theories of global control, where I basically laughed him off as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. As a White House language interpreter, I had been in top secret meetings and never heard anything to confirm these bizarre conspiracy theories.

And Rosie O’Donnell, who Gibson mentioned along with me, was not known as a conspiracy theorist until she came out on 9/11 in 2007. For a 2009Popular Science article trying to debunk Rosie O’Donnell on 9/11, visit this link. How do you explain that this 1997 movie mentions both of us in this context long before either of us fell into the camp of conspiracy theorists? Incredible!!!

Here’s what wikipedia had to say about that Mel Gibson’s opening rant in the movie at this link:

“Early in the film, Jerry Fletcher [played by Mel Gibson] expounds on a number of his theories to a succession of taxi passengers. On one of the featurettes included on the DVD release of the film, director Richard Donner reveals these scenes were ad-libbed by Mel Gibson. The extras acting as passengers were not told what Gibson was going to say because Donner wanted their reactions to be as spontaneous and realistic as possible.”

How bizarre! Could it be that our world and reality are much more complex and flexible and that time is much more fluid than we might think? Anyway, I am extremely grateful for this find and will certainly send info out on this to my list of nearly 10,000 subscribers. Thank you so much Helen. I am simply dumbfounded. You take care and thanks for this exchange of emails.

With sacred love and deep gratitude,

Special Note: For those who might suspect the video was altered to include my name, I found and paid to watch the original 1997 movie online today, and it was definitely there. If you want to verify this yourself, watch the original movie online at this link. For those who are not familiar with my work exposing major cover-ups using only reliable, verifiable information, see the popular website I manage at When we are willing to look deep into the shadows of not only our world, but ourselves, we can begin to powerfully transform our lives and world for the better.
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