“Cobra,” on the shutdown: “Finally, we are experiencing a mass awakening in the United States”



This is interesting. Seems to be “insider” info. But who knows? Especially not sure about references to “The Event,” unless this apparently slowly-unrolling dissolution of the central control system that has governed us for so many thousands of years is IT. I posted Cobra’s trenchant remarks in September also.

Pre-Event Developments

October 7, 2013

by Cobra


Irrationally, the Illuminazi faction of the Cabal has triggered a partial government shutdown in the United States, hoping to prepare ground for martial law later down the road. Needless to say, their plans will NOT be allowed to succeed and their actions have only resulted in an important wave of mass awakening instead.

It will be interesting to see what happens with that situation on October 17th when the US government runs out of money to pay its bills. The lunar eclipse on October 18th is the entry point into a new Window of Opportunity with an increased probability of the Event as we head into a solar magnetic field reversal later this year.
Finally we are experiencing mass awakening in the United States, which is a crucial prerequisite for the Event:




The Positive Military is supporting this:


And there are already groups connected with the Positive Military preparing for the Event:


It has been communicated from the Resistance Movement and the Positive Military that they will NOT trigger the Event between October 11th and October 13th this year.


A.K. But see below for a “liberal” p.o.v. on the truckers. I do wonder: isn’t something like this exactly the kind of thing that could trigger “martial law,” so that we play right into the hands of the cabal? Despite Cobra’s assurance that martial law “will NOT be allowed to succeed,” it does make me pause. But then, dramatic times require dramatic actions. Let’s just make sure our actions are conscious, aware, and guided by the heart.

Right-Wing Truckers Plan To Jam DC’s Major Commuter Highway, Arrest Members Of Congress

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  1. ksense says:

    Doing nothing guarantees total enslavement, or haven’t you noticed? The world needs brave people willing to stand up to tyranny. The fear of reprisal has been the bully tactic for centuries. People are fed up. As Martha would say ……”it’s a good thing”. Time to smack Scut Farkus in the mouth.

    • My sense is, the success of the Gandhi-peaceful civil disobedience protest, as the pundits point out, depends somewhat on the culture in which the principled stand is taken. One of the reasons I’ve been hammering away on Oath Keepers to retract their “Going Operational” board decision is because in spite of the Illuminati we are the awakening dominant peaceful force (Oath Keepers, last I checked, would not allow this this post to appear on their page …. awaiting administrative moderation…. but it’s being posted in many other sites:

      PREPARING FOR THE WORST: This post is to alert readers that in my opinion Oath Keepers is leading us to the worst outcome, unless and until they regain constitutional standing:

      Oath Keepers has apparently been taken over by secret Illuminati infiltrators to start up a rag-tag group of counter insurgents (aka domestic terrorists) domestically to cause US mayhem…as it appears to me:

      My 2-cents posted as a former supporter of their ad campaigns:

      Demand Constitutional accountability of our Board of Trustees now!

      The Board of Trustees of Oath Keepers are leading this flock knowingly to the slaughter by “Going Operational.”

      “Going Operational” runs against the domestic democratic methods of constitutionally forming a “well regulated” militia. Going Operational usurps the authority of elected state Governors. Oath Keepers needs rethinking. Their act violates their own Oath by acting unconstitutionally and will not win the hearts and minds of US Citizens.

      Those of us who believe in the power of well placed sign boards that speak truth to power and magical “Joan of Arc ” – like significance of riding out alone to turn back would-be concurring armies, must now alert Oath Keepers members that “going operational” is exactly what the Illuminati want. Oath Keepers play right into their plans. It appears Oath Keepers Board has been infiltrated by members of the Illuminati seeking violence.

      Stay your coarse and remain nonviolent. Do not go operational. Get wiser board members if necessary.

      Do not organize to “go operational” less you become the tool of the last sought-after false flag. Words have meaning when you use them in the commission of a crime. Oath Keepers, in my opinion, is committing itself to criminal behavior in “going operational” without 50 state governor level confirming militia status correspondence in hand. Oath Keepers appears to be usurping the democratic authority of elective state governors to direct, control and regulate the militia. In the end we run a democratic republic and while we vary from that, our wisdom learned through Civil War draws us back to the election process to resolve our difference, corruption in the process to the contrary notwithstanding.

      Demand Oath Keepers Board of Trustees Act Constitutionally

      My advice to members of Oath Keepers is to demand your Trustees either produce an approved set of bylaws subjected to the approval of each state governor in which Oath Keepers intends to “go operational” or resign and renounce your support of Oath Keepers.

      Oath Keepers Board of Trustees, appears through it’s actions, to becoming a tool of the Illuminati to create a rag-tag collection of combat ready, violent, unregulated, counter insurgents without official recognition from democratically elected state governors. By default, this act constitutes an act of domestic terrorism and must be withdrawn immediately or perfected with proper legal standing.

      What is lost in “going operational” in my opinion is the very moral high ground needed to confront first responders with persuasive, compassionate, reminder of their duties and oath to the Constitution by wiser, older generation of veterans who have fought our wars. It is NOT the older generation of vets who are taking the group “operational.”

      Demand Constitutional accountability of our Board of Trustees now!

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