Co-Living is Common Sense

This story targets young people. How about lonely old people? How many old ones are rattling around in their often too big houses with no one else around? (And what happens if they fall down the stairs and nobody knows?) How about co-living with younger folks in their own homes? That’s what we’re doing here in our eco-pod.

Back in the ’70s, I fantasized about taking over an apartment building in this way. Make some of the units common space. What’s new in this article is the idea that one’s own private space is quite small. As a former yurt dweller (for nearly 20 years), in a community of yurts, I don’t mind that either! Indeed, I prefer it, and might be called one of the pioneers in tiny house living. Of course, we can always argue that tiny spaces in apartment buildings smells of Agenda 21, stuffing people into shoeboxes. But let’s just relax the paranoia, shall we? And imagine new ways of life, all of them involving less enforced separateness, while maintaining necessary privacy.

Oh, and how about two acres of land surrounding each building, to be permacultured by the folks who live there? Thus providing a common task, purpose, plus fresh food and physical exercise. Up the oxygen intake and bring down the doctor bills. YES!

Dorms for Grownups: A Solution for Lonely Millennials?

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