Christmas Message from “Cosmic Awareness”: cultivate gratitude to participate in abundance

6a00d83451614969e20120a69d760d970c-320wiThis is one channeled message that I am happy to repost. It’s long, and involved, and perhaps could have been said in a simpler way, however, the basic message is that the “god program” (my label for it) of the world’s organized religions has interrupted the flow that links us to the Source of all life, including the aliveness of our dear Mother Earth. That this “god” is a false god that tells us we were born flawed, and that we must live lives of suffering that require redemption from a “god” above and beyond ourselves. What? Yuck!

No. We are each a unique and magnificent expression of the divine, full of energy and abundance. It is time we realize that. Once we do, we break the program of the controllers and reweave our communion with both each other and the natural world.

Christmas Message- The Secret of Abundance That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available. Please proceed.

December 18, 2013

through Will Berlinghof via rumormillnews

Thank you. Thank you Cosmic Awareness for being available for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership session of December 18, 2013. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter for your messages. Joan Mills the questioner and energizer. The Law of Light, the Law of Love, and the Law of Unity have been invoked. Is there an Opening Message or any event you would like to discuss at this time please?

That as it is close to that time that a majority of humanity celebrates that special time known in Christianity as Christmas, that this Awareness does have a Christmas message. That for many, especially those in Western nations, those with traditions of the northern hemisphere, the Christian path will be holding this time as a special occasion, a special time.

This Awareness has previously talked about how it is that Christmas is connected to that which is the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere and by extension of those Christian backgrounds and faiths, also celebrated in the southern hemisphere where it is to be the Summer Solstice. In any event that which is the celebrated time that is known as the festive Christmas season, is deeply connected to the Solstice energies: the tradition of light returning to the Earth. The days getting longer and longer in the northern hemisphere is that original premise upon which the understanding of gift-giving

originates. For it is considered by ancient people the gift of God Itself, of the solar entity and the Mother Earth that at the time of the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the turning of the cycle, the reversal of the flow, is that which occurs. That upon experiencing the shortest day of the year, that which has the least amount of sunlight available, Mother Earth reaches the extreme edge of her cycle and returns back from that shortest day, that point of the least energy of the solar deity, that which is the sun.

These concepts were originally understood and form the very base of the lives of those who lived upon Mother Earth in close proximity and association. But this message was perverted as those who had power, who wished to disassociate humanity from a true connection to the sustaining force and graciousness of Mother Earth, to a situation where there was little or no connection to Mother Earth, to her cycles, to the universal patterns, and thus it was that the Winter Solstice was perverted into that which was a celebration of the God Force coming onto the planet in the birth of Jesus, the Christed One.

Yet even the Christian tradition celebrates this return to Light, the resumption of the fertility cycle and the festive occasion that is Christmas is one that is indeed still associated with Light. Thus it is that people put lights upon their tree, a symbol of fertility. Thus it is that people put lights on their homes and bushes to celebrate this age old understanding that the Light of the Sun, of God, is always present and is returning.

However, at this time when so many unconsciously and unknowingly celebrate pagan traditions, that there has been also a shift in the mindset of humanity, especially the Orthodox religions, especially the Christian-based religions. That it is only about the birth of God in the form of the Son and that one need not understand the deeper implication of an association with the natural rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth and Father Son, of the deep commitment that Mother Earth has towards all her creatures, including humanity.

This of course has all been created by those who are in charge, those Powers That Be, that elite group that are the Archonians, the Orion/Reptilians. That they have substituted themselves for the spiritual forces and the Divine expressions of that which is the God

force that is in all. They have created a system of belief that is highly restricted and structured, focusing humanity in certain areas. The belief systems of most religions do not at all attempt to elevate the follower to a position of understanding and knowing, of knowledge of the true interconnection between Divine Spirit and each and every expression of Spirit, be it the grandest greatest expression of the planet herself, Mother Earth, or the lowest participant of the mother and the father, the barest expression.

Thus in their attempts to dominate the belief systems and to create false and artificial belief systems, it was imperative for those with the greater knowledge to create a lesser system of belief and one that isolated many, indeed the majority, from any understanding in the true gift-giving properties of Mother Earth and Father Son, of the Divine Itself. Spirit is abundance, the Divine is abundance and this abundance is always available to all from the least to the greatest. Thus it is that each and every human has the Divine right to receive and to live in abundance, in prosperity and not in poverty and suffering and restriction.

That at this time where the celebration is geared towards the giving of gifts, gifting to others, loved ones and friends, presents to represent affection, to represent this Divine concept of sharing with others. That it is time to look at this more deeply, especially how it may reflect itself in one’s own personal life.

A major tenant of faith of Christian beliefs, of Judaic beliefs, of Islamic beliefs, of most organized, traditional religions, is a concept that is based around suffering, that is based around restriction, that is based around a belief that one must work hard in order to achieve monetary assets and abundance so that one can buy gifts. Gone is the understanding that one need not suffer, one need not endure restrictions, one need not work hard to achieve monetary abundance. That it is the Divine right of each and every being to receive that which is the abundance of Spirit. That there is nothing that prevents this abundance from flowing into one’s life, except the beliefs and concepts held by those who are at the receiving end. As all are always at the receiving end, abundance and prosperity will always flow in the natural way suitable to each and every being, each and every expression of the Divine in this third dimensional physicality.

Thus it is that the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom do not worry about receiving, do not worry about having enough. It is their natural knowing that their needs will be provided for, one way or another. They live within the structure of this reality, this third dimensional reality, and are not hoarders, do not believe that they must always have much more than what they think they need or expect. They live in the naturalness of their environment and their engagement with Spirit. The bird flying in the skies, the fish swimming in the water, the animals walking upon the face of Mother Earth do not live in anxiety and stress because they have not received enough, because they believe that they are to suffer. They live in trust and faith that their needs will be met, as they are.

This of course does not mean that nature itself does not have hardship, that animals sometimes do not receive enough but they are still living within the context of a support system that does not go into shock and stress and high anxiety when a day does not present a full stomach, for the belief and the knowing is that it will the next day or the day after. There is no belief system that is held by the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom that states they must suffer, that they are not worthy to receive, that they are flawed in any way, shape or form and therefore do not receive the full benefit of the Divine and of Spirit. They live in their naturalness, knowing that their needs will be met, that they are part of that which is a much greater reality of expression. This reality of expression is the reality of Mother Earth on that physical plane, and as she expresses herself, as she shares her abundance and her gifts with all of her creatures, the natural world is in harmony and in balance.

Unfortunately this cannot be said of the fourth kingdom, the human kingdom, and because of the history of this planet and of humanity, because of the dominance of ones who are not in spiritual contact who have lost the soul thread, who have put themselves outside of the Divine – a situation was created so that those souls seeking to have this unique experience could indeed participate in a reality whereby being human, that it was part of the experience to learn about suffering, to be shut out of Mother Earth’s Divine gifting, her Divine sharing of herself and all of her resources.

That this separation from Mother Earth and from the Divine have created situations on the planet where humanity has been taught that the natural way is to suffer, is to not have enough, is to be punished for who and what they are, that each human is born in a state of sin. Imagine if you will a small mountain lion being born, feeling that it is not good enough, that it is flawed, that it is evil for just being born, or a fish in the ocean living under such beliefs as well. This is not the way of things in the animal world, in the plant world, in the mineral world. Why therefore, should it be so in the human world?

It is this way because it is part of an experiment, if you will, an experiencing if you will, of what it is like to live outside of Spirit or a spiritual connection, to be separated from that which is the living force that is under each and every individual’s feet upon which they stride and rest each and every day. That this experiment was one that was designed to give the experience of separation from Spirit and an alignment with false beliefs, false philosophies, false dogmas. That these dogmas of religion are the tools upon which the church, the religion, has been built. They are shallow and meaningless, yet for many the dogmas are the real thing, that which substantiates their corrupted, misguided belief system.

Thus the doing of dogmatic ritual gives one a feeling of a connection to a false god, for that which is presented as God in heaven is a false god. It is not the God Essence, it is not the Source, it is not that which underpins and underlies All That Is. These false gods, this false god, are the manifestation of those extraterrestrial ones that place themselves as the gods. Therefore, as one devotes themselves to the false god in heaven, to the false gods that have been, that one does indeed separate oneself from the Truth. “The Truth shall set you free” is the saying and yet often when the Truth is presented, there is anger, there is reaction against this Truth that speaks loud and clear, for one is holding to that which is the indoctrination of belief that they have been given, that they have bought into.

That this Awareness says on one level this is as it should be, as it needs to be, for if it is the purpose of the soul as it expresses itself into a focus personality, that the purpose of that focus personality will be to have this experience of separation, of living in a dualistic third dimensional reality, where there is no alignment or connection to the other parts of that same reality.

That this is why it is that so many reject spiritualism and seeking the Divine inner truth, why they feel threatened by it and those who hold it and seek the deeper truth. For it is a challenge to them and to their faith. That this is as it needs be in terms of the journey of the soul, but it is now a new time and a new energy is flooding onto the planet now. Many have come to have this human experience who are from distant lands, distant spaces just as the three Kings journeyed to meet the God Child, to acknowledge It, to gift It.

Many believe this is where the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas originates from and while it is symbolic, it does come from that original gift, the gift of life and light itself that is represented in the Solstice. But as it is, many do believe that the giving of gifts is that which defines Christmas and that giving oneself is an expression of love and caring. From this point, Christmas is indeed an important occasion for it shows the best of humanity, their willingness to share with others, to give of themselves to others, be they family and friends or strangers.

That this is a tradition well worth keeping but it is a tradition that must extend itself beyond that day that is considered the most sacred day of all, the 25th of December. It must extend into the New Year and to each and every year beyond it. It must extend into the day after Christmas, that which some call Boxing Day, or the second day of Christmas. It must extend to the day after this and the day after that, and every day of the year. This is not meaning that all must give gifts every single day, although this is perhaps a wise idea, but it does mean that developing an attitude where giving of oneself is essential, where one honors another, recognizes the sanctity of each and every human being and each and every creature upon the planet, is a state of reality, of perception that must be achieved by all.

It begins with one’s self first and that one does need to realize that gifting has an opposite side: that is the side of receiving. That as one gifts of oneself, one must also be open to receive. In receiving from that which is Divine Source, one elevates oneself beyond the restrictions and imprisonment of the physical and of a belief system that governs and controls this third dimensional reality.

That when one realizes that one is in a state of perfection for simply being oneself an expression of the Divine in this third dimensional, physical reality, one will begin to challenge the assumptions so strongly held by so many. These assumptions are those assumptions that it is the lot of mankind/womankind to suffer, to work hard, to live in restriction and limitation.

In truth Spirit is abundance. The Divine is abundance and It gives abundantly to all of Its creatures, Its beings, Its expressions. One does not need to suffer in order to receive. One does not need to work hard in order to receive. One does not need to bend a knee to a false god in order to receive. It is the Divine right of each and every being to receive abundance and prosperity from Divine Source.

That at this time, this special time, this Awareness would ask one and all to remember this, to remember that Christmas indeed can be each and every day, that one can give and receive. One need not work at it, one need not sacrifice oneself, one need not punish oneself in order to feel worthy. It is simply so that all are worthy, all receive.

That this Awareness would share a secret with one and all, in how to revamp one’s thinking on this matter, how to shift one’s concepts, one’s programming. That each and every day, that one simply gives thanks for the abundance and prosperity in one’s life. That as one sits to have a meal, one gives thanks for the abundance and prosperity, one gives thanks to the gift of nature, of the plant world, of the animal world, and the give- away that has been offered for the purpose of nourishing an individual. That as each individual acknowledges the gifts of nature, of Mother Earth, of the animal kingdom, the plant world, one is aligning themselves into these kingdoms, these realms. As one gives thanks for the abundance in their lives, it allows the flow of abundance into one’s life.

That many would reject this out of hand but this Awareness does say to one and all that this secret is ancient in nature and has always been known. It has been a guarded secret, it has been a hidden secret, but in recent times the secret is being revealed. That a few years ago, a book was presented that had great impact, great appeal to the masses. This book of course was “The Secret” and that in this book the premise of the Law of Attraction

was presented. This is indeed an ancient law, an ancient secret, but why is it that so many even having read this book, seen the movie, did not attract to themselves, did not bring into their lives that which they wished and desired?

It was because they did not believe they deserved it, they did not believe it was their right. This is the nature of indoctrination, and that when a false set of beliefs are deeply entrenched in one, it is hard to believe that one deserves. When programming is deeply established and embedded in the subconscious, it is hard to attract when the low self sabotages, when the low self does not believe that the individual deserves abundance. Therefore although many were trying to work with the Law of Attraction, few achieved the greatest results.

That is why also it is important to recognize that the indoctrination program of the churches, of the politics, of the societies and cultures, are of such a nature that the premise towards suffering, towards lack, towards not being worthy, not being in a state of perfection, dominate. This domination creates the situation that even though one may be given the secret, it still does not seem to work.

Therefore, in the sharing of this secret again with one and all, this Awareness asks for you to be neutral. That you simply give thanks for the abundance and prosperity without expectation, without the need to have anything manifested. One is simply giving out that one is thankful and grateful for that abundance and prosperity in one’s life. This will begin to fundamentally change the programming of one’s life, and although it may not be an instantaneous result, with time and with these offerings, abundance, the abundance of Spirit Itself will begin to flow.

What may also occur is that there may be challenges presented to the individual and if one may begin to recognize that one is holding perhaps an attitude of poverty or poverty mentality, instead of abundance mentality. When one begins to receive such revelations, one is to go with this, to look deeper into this, and to realize this is the indoctrination showing itself. It is the programming that has been applied that is manifesting itself. Stay neutral, do not be judgmental of yourselves, continue with the practice of giving thanks,

of being in a state of gratitude. The expression of course is an “attitude of gratitude”. That this is a powerful way to break through the indoctrination of those masters, those controllers, those false gods, and it is one that this Awareness shares here again with those who are ready to hear this message and to begin the practice of gratitude, the establishment of an attitude of abundance and prosperity.

This is the gift that this Awareness presents one and all at this time and that this Awareness wishes all a happy, abundant and prosperous Christmas and a wonderful journey in the New Year ahead. That this completes the opening message from this Awareness.

Thank you Awareness. That was extremely inspiring, I thank you.

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  1. mrtwist says:

    Thank you so very much!

  2. Jamie says:

    We just recently had a severe ice storm that knocked out the power in our area. Tree limbs cracked and snapped under the heavy weight of the icy rain. Power lines came swinging down and lights flickered briefly before they completely went out. My husband and I had only the day before bought a generator ( a luxury item ) so as the lights flickered we both got out of the bed at the same time and walked to the garage to start the process of preparing the generator, hooking up extension cords to the heat lamps ( for the hens ), the refrigerator and chargers for cell phones. We lit the kerosene heater and cooked breakfast on the Coleman stove we had bought nearly a decade ago when we took my sons camping. The Sun was not yet on the horizon.

    We spent the next 3 days running to gas stations for the generator and looking for kerosene for our only source of heat ( Tuesday was a bitterly cold high of 12 degrees ). All around us was a sight of devastation but what I noticed were the clean up crews working in terrible conditions cleaning our yards of the downed limbs. I was grateful. They did not have to clean our yards….those are the responsibility of the homeowners….but, they did. As we drove to Shelby Township we saw truck after truck of utility workers driving North….up where we live. I had the most intense feeling of gratitude overwhelm my soul. These men were traveling from Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and other states to come and help their distant neighbors. That was a beautiful sight, Ann. So beautiful that I just wanted to thank each and every one of these men ns women, who gave up being home with their families on Christmas Eve, to help complete strangers.
    To be honest, I felt ashamed that they would sacrifice their time with loved ones to make sure we had heat and lights……as though, we were more important than them. We are not.

    What I realized is that there are those in power who try desperately to remove us from our humanity…our inherent need to care for others….and it is not working. It will never work out for those pathetic, lost souls.

    I am grateful to all those men and women who traveled far from home, from kith and kin, to help us.

    Thanks for reminding us to always live a life of gratitude, Ann.

    Happy Holidays!

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