Chipotle Ad: Vivid and Disturbing Animation of Industrial Food Production

Wow! I guess I know where I’ll eat next time I’m either downtown or at the mall. So much for this particular either/or: either real food or fast food. It’s about time! YES!

(And I hope it’s true, Chipotle’s claims about their food . . . BTW: The story behind the ad is interesting, especially in that the company kept wanting the ad agency to deepen further its animation of the soulless nature of industrial food production.)

Speaking of “industrial food production,” I saw the award-winning 2010 documentary, “The Cove,” last night, an unusually moving and dramatic film about the horror of annual mass dolphin slaughter (for food) and sale (to places like Sea World) in a hidden cove near Taiji, Japan. Ric O’Barry, the man who is trying to stop the ongoing desecration of these magnificent, playful, service-oriented, and self-aware beings was the trainer for Flipper way back when. So, the fact that he started the whole phenomenon of seeing dolphins as cute and cuddly and here for human pleasure became, once he woke up, the greatest of motivators to end the insanity.

The Scarecrow and the Story Behind Chipotle’s New Ad

October 3, 2013

by Laura Bruno


Most people have seen this haunting, disturbing and heart-grabbing new ad from Chipotle, which has positioned itself as the first fast food company to reject GMO’s:

I love that this natural project has Fiona Apple singing “Pure Imagination.” Thanks to Mitch for finding the story behind the making of this short film. You can find that by clicking here. I’m sending all sorts of energy and intentions that Chipotle makes a huge success of this fresh, real food stance. Spread the word! I love supporting companies making a positive difference.

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