Charles Eisenstein interviews Graham Hancock: The Crisis of Science

I’ve listened to about half of this podcast so far. Dovetails with my jaundiced views on scientism. Indeed, I would go further and say, with Derrick Jensen, that anything we put into language has concepts that are fixed, so they cannot, by their very nature, “capture” the living world. I.e., any copy of anything is just that, a primitive simulacrum that, by its very “nature” simplifies — to a few, identified and defined “variables” and so-called “constants” — chosen from the continuing regenerative abundance of Nature’s endless unrepeatable Mystery.

And of course, this metaphysical/epistemological recognition is incredibly important because all global warming/weirding studies include maps and future projections that can’t help but oversimplify — thus rendering themselves not just inadequate, but useless and downright harmful.

The Crisis of Science


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