Channelings, and other Above/Below links, galore . . .

Go on over to the site for current channelings. I find lots of them worthwhile reading, or at least skimming, at this point, especially those coming through Suzan Carroll, and Greg Giles. Also, Drumvalo Melchizadeck has a new video out. Haven’t watched it yet (it’s over an hour long), and not sure I will. And of course, there’s the faithful Salusa, three times a week! (March 23 channeling not up beckon site yet, so I gave the url for the source. You’ll need to scroll down.) And read the post by Steve himself, who speaks of watching trends in channeling. A good idea. (Hint: It’s all good. We are definitely “winning” the battle and lifting ourselves out of unconscious slavery.) Plus, there’s the transcript of a radio program with Bob Dean, speaking of his experiences with extraterrestrials, and being taken on ships, and so on. One of the revered elders within the UFO movement, Bob Dean was a long-time military man with top secret space clearance to investigate UFO incidents since the 1960s. Now, after a recent near-death experience he is coming out with what he’s carried in his heart all these years. (This radio show follows the recent Project Camelot interview with him and Clifford Stone.)

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