Changing habits for a “soft landing”


Can you guess what’s in this little jar?

I’ll tell you: powdered avocado pit!

I’d been thinking about all the avocado pits that we “throw away” after eating their juicy meat. Hmmm. Might the pit also be “good” for us? Then I came across this article:

Avocado Seed Makes Up 70% of its Nutritional Benefits

So I thought about it for awhile longer. Finally decided to save the pits, and start drying them out, with the idea that I could break up the dried pits (inside a paper bag) with a hammer, and then grind them finer with a coffee grinder. So I did! And now I sprinkle avocado pit powder on salads, in smoothies, on hot meals, and so on.

That’s an example of how I want to start changing my habits in a big way. Even bigger than I’ve already changed them — by starting this little Green Acres Permaculture Village, and attracting an intergenerational group of beautiful people to live in the midst of. That change was so wonderful! As a woman growing older (I’m now 73), rattling around in my own home alone, I was in great danger of becoming rigid, crotchety, stuck in many ways. Habit-bound. Living with others, especially the young ones in their late 20s has proved to be of course challenging, but in the main, invigorating! I’m becoming more flexible rather than less, as I age. And that’s all it took, living with others in community! Allowing them into my safe little space. Sharing the bounty.

I took the jar of avocado pit powder over to see Rebecca in the DeKist house next door. VERY proud of my accomplishment. She pointed to her drying avocado pits. They’re going to do the same thing.

At our pod planning meeting a few days ago, we talked briefly about our ongoing efforts to reduce energy use. And how we sometimes forget to turn off the heat at night, or to turn off lights when we’re not in the room.

The avocado pit experiment seems to have re-ignited my passion for always going further, further into shifting the way we live on this planet. Because just yesterday I came across this article, and it really grabbed me.

I shower once a week. Here’s why you should too.

But of course I’m addicted to comfort, just like all of us in the western world, especially Americans (those who have not yet lost their homes!). And aside from ice cream or rice pudding, is there anything more comforting than a long hot shower or bath?

I shower daily, for about five minutes. Have done so all my life, except when camping. And even then, I look for campsites with “showers.”

What would happen if I changed this habit? It seems so fundamental. Can I? Will I?

And should I ask my podmates to join me? Or should I just go for it, and show them the way. I think the latter.

Okay. Start by shortening each shower to three minutes. Then, shift to showers every other day, then showers twice a week, then, gasp, once a week.

This reminds me of when I stopped a very pernicious addiction to cigarettes. What helped me to fully let go was that I gave myself another addiction for one year — to sugar, since I knew it would be easy for me to let go of that addiction. I realized then, that what is addicted is the subconscious part of me, the inner child And that if I let go of cigarettes without giving her something else to comfort her, she would rebel. I detail that story here:


There’s a big discussion about whether we’re going to have a hard or soft landing when this casino economy finally collapses. I’m preparing myself now by experimenting with soft landings via new habits that are less expensive, economically and ecologically. Because you know damn well that if the grid goes down, for example, present day comforts will turn into extraordinary luxuries. Why not start to cushion the shock?





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