Celestials and Extraterrestrials, two versions of what's going on, and full (personal) disclosure

With reference to the post I put up last night, re: two 90-minute videos on the importance of distinguishing between “celestials” and “extraterrestrials” and their roles vis-a-vis humanity’s enlightenment and future, here’s my report.

But first, let me backtrack. This project began yesterday when Rich, a commentator on this blog, referred me to a new Kerry Cassidy interview up on youtube with Marshall Vian Summers and the “Allies of Humanity” material that he called “very interesting.” Meanwhile, I had just run across the commentary to a video on Michael Salla’s exopolitics.org site that intrigued me, because like the Summers video, Salla also emphasized that we need to distinguish between celestials and extraterrestrials.

That Summers and Salla both stressed this distinction, and that I found out about both of their videos on the same day, made me eager to see what they had to say, since I’m acutely attuned to the trail of synchronicity. And frankly, up until yesterday, I personally had not bothered to pay much attention to this distinction, but had instead, lumped, or even shmushed, the two, celestials and extraterrestrials, together.

I said on this blog that I would watch both videos to see if they were coming from the same place.

Okay, end of backstory. On to what I discovered.

But first, you should know that I had a difficult time sleeping last night. Especially for the first four or five hours. Nausea — vague, but troubling. Racing mind. Finally got up for the umpteenth time and took some bitters. That helped.

I knew it wasn’t food poisoning. And it wasn’t the flu. No. I had just watched the first video, Kerry Cassidy’s interview with Marshall Vian Summers, and as I did, could feel the moorings of my mind wrench out of their usual supports and . . . and what? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I could no longer go on as before, assuming that the only ETs here on Earth were the good guys. (In fact, in order to even think that, all these years I’ve had to discount all the people I’ve met at UFO congresses who speak of being abducted and held hostage (by aliens? by the military? who knows?) and who have been left scared, and scarred, by the experience.)

Oh I had heard of Marshall Vian Summer’s main thesis before, that certain ETs are here among us because of their own self-interest, that they want to mine this beautiful planet of unusual biodiversity for what they need to keep their own civilizations alive (not just minerals, but blood, plasma, human ova for hybridization, etc.). But I had heard various channels lately say that none of those predatory ET races were still present.

According to Summer, they are still here, in fact, that is who is still here, and they are cleverly and subtly seducing us into wanting disclosure of their existence, by promising “free” energy, permanent banishing of war, and a global government run by them that would essentially colonize us for their own use.

In other words, according to this warning from what he calls the Allies of Humanity, who are celestials, the extraterrestrials want to do to Earth and its native inhabitants what predatory, shock doctrine capitalism has has been doing to third world countries and indigenous peoples for decades (and what territorial empires have been doing to other peoples for centuries): go in, commandeer resources, provide “free” services and/or “loans” (infrastructure, education, etc.) that can never be repaid, and then enslave or employ the natives for pennies in their formerly pristine, now ruined, environment.

To repeat: unlike ET races, says Marshall, the Allies of Humanity are not “extraterrestrials,” all of whom need advanced technology to come here, but “celestials,” beings of higher intelligence and awareness that need no technology to get around and who are now warning us NOT to push for disclosure because we are not ready. That our collective consciousness has not evolved enough to make real planet-wide agreements among ourselves. That to seek to be saved from our own warring, self- and planet-destroying natures by disclosure would be bad for us because it would turn this planet and its inhabitants into essentially a slave state for ETs.

There’s lots more of course, but I hit the highlights, and went to bed with this stuff running through my dread-drenched stomach and feverish mind.

What is my take on this material? How would it affect my way of going through life, or would it?

I determined to watch the Salla video in the morning, for another perspective on this Celestial v. Extraterrestrial distinction.

I have now done that.

Salla’s material does not have Summers’ dire perspective. What it does offer is a way of understanding celestial v. extraterrestrial by assessing otherworldly races via a typology proposed by a Russian scientist, namely, the level of macro energy used to get around.

• Type I civilizations use the energy of a planet. (Like if, we, or another civilization, could, for example, harness the energy of the oceans, or the molten core of Earth!).

• Type II civilizations utilize the energy of the sun itself, i.e., harness the coronal displays and other energies of the entire sun for their own use.

• Type III civilizations utilize the (mostly unknown) energies streaming from the galaxy itself, the galactic core.

• And Type IV civilizations utilize the subtle energy that bathes and powers the universe as a whole. (I imagine Type IV energy is what David Wilcock would call the “source field,” or others have identified as the “zero-point field.”)

Like Summers, Salla says the celestials are here to help us deal with extraterrestrials, with some of whom, certain black ops factions within the corporate state have had secret agreements to back engineer alien technologies in exchange for human abductions. The celestials, says Salla, wish to help us learn how to balance consciousness with technology, a wisdom that has been especially lacking once we started messing around with atomic power in World War II. As Einstein put it: “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”

On balance, I would say that having absorbed the Summers video, I am no longer going to assume that all ETs present in our skies are necessarily, to use the distinction made by the Law of One series, “service-to-others” (rather than “service-to-self.”) Rather, I’m going to assume that, just like humans, any being that needs to use technology to get around the galaxy or beyond is going to need resources of some kind, and that Earth, being a particularly rich exoplanet in the “goldilocks” zone (i.e., supporting biological life, not too close and not too far from its sun), would be an unusually rich target for any civilization that hails from a barren world.

I’m glad I watched the Summers video, because it helped to sharpen what I call my “shit detector” — that I foolishly like to think is already a mile long — even further. I realized this sharpening had taken place because I was struck, early this morning, by the language of one channelled source on the stevebeckow.com site, saying that after disclosure (coming “soon,”as artfully promised, for many months and years now), that we wouldn’t need to learn about free energy technologies, because “all knowledge would be programmed into us.” That really got me going. Programming? More programming? What? Oops! Please stop! Stop this world! I want to get off it, before disclosure, if that’s the case.

And, I’m glad I watched the Salla video, for its typology, and for its rich array of different types of celestials, and stories of human encounters with celestials, not all of them off-world!

Full personal disclosure: I realize the way I talk in this post is very 3-D. Were I as “advanced” as I like to think I am, no new information would faze me, because I would have moved beyond belief, beyond expectation (and dread, when expectation not met), fully centered in the Now (as I attempted to elucidate in the intro to the last, Filer’s Files, post), no matter what.

Nope. Not there yet. So human. So all-too human. That’s good. That means it’s still fun here, still a grand challenge to spiritually overlight a dense, squirming physical body on this beautiful planet Earth.

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5 Responses to Celestials and Extraterrestrials, two versions of what's going on, and full (personal) disclosure

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    There appears to be a cosmic defense for human freedom.
    Author, George Lobuono , (Alien Mind –free download approved by Mr. Lubuono in online interviews):
    Dr. Michael Sallas, celestial channeler — Marshall Vian Summers, seem to concur on this point. Public protest “against” active intervening by extraterrestrials is the cosmic power to protect ourselves and determine our own destiny.

    Public protest as such does not have to rise to the “fortress earth” level of response our military seems to be preparing for us.

    The larger problem is one has to first somehow come to a point of consciousness of converting popular private intellectual notions concerning ET’s into a public non-private “protest against” intervention. Who wants ridicule? Who wants to face debunkers? Who can we believe anyway?

    Additionally, it becomes even more confusing when you happen to believe in reincarnation into any life form whatsoever. Why should we care if today we are human and next time Zeta Reticuli? Whatever our karma and/or Great Source require of us will be, and life goes on.

    Having encountered a very large UFO while flying, in a double witnessed, radar measured, visual contact, and having mounted the consciousness question of whether they are or are not, I vote for celestial guidance for forces and powers that serve our best interests. What more can be done? But I will not subject myself to tyranny.

    Having said that, what difference does any of this make if one’s ultimate inner instruction guides us to walk humbly in service, regardless.

  2. olinstarwalker says:


  3. Hi, I came across your blog regarding the MV Summers interview. Thanks for discussing it as his message and perspective needs to be heard by many people. I am glad the interview had an impact on you. That is good. I encourage you to watch it again and watch his other videos on youtube speaking about contact. You should also read the Allies of Humanity Briefings too.

    If I may correct you on something, the Allies of Humanity are indeed physical extraterrestrials, but the are NOT visiting Earth, nor have they, or will they. They communicated to Summers through a secure spiritual connection with the assistance of an Angelic Presence. In the interview Summers also speaks of his experience of the Angelic Presence who is the source of communication for the New Message teachings. This is a different communication compared to the Allies. He speaks about both of these in the interview.

    I also wish to make clear to the readers that ALL of the ET contact and communication that is happening today represents the ET intervention that is meant to deceive humanity. The only exception is the Allies of Humanity Briefings through Summers, which is a rare communication.

    As for the “celestial” and “extraterrestrial” issue, the ET intervention can influence people psychically and project images of angels and saints as part of the deception. This is what confuses people. ETs are not here to help us. Their intentions are good from their perspective, but if we give in to them we will lose our freedom and be exploited. Many people who support ETs are also of good intention, but they do not know what they are really dealing with. That is why the Allies of Humanity were sent to communicate with us, and why Summers has received a New Revelation about life in the Universe. Now we have the essential info we need, and the means to prepare and respond to ET threats with wisdom and discernment.

    Do take the time for further study. You are blessed to have discovered MV Summers. His life’s work has had a tremendous positive impact on my life, and it could be for you, too.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post.

  4. Rich says:

    It is extremely hard nowadays to sort out fact from fiction. The 2012 story broadened the discussions which normally would be a good thing, but there are so many people trying to make money off of this issue that it is mind boggling. This includes the mainstream entertainment sources as well as the alternative info & news sources. Quite possibly (for the first time) the alternative media sources are the most prolific and the most deceitful. Whether this is intentional or not it makes no difference. The issues like pole shift, Planet Nibiru, comet Elenin etc were never really going to happen but it made many take their eyes off the real issue of contact with other intelligent life in the universe.
    Contact with other life has been happening for a long time. This is something that a few governments are very much aware of and engaging in. Summers does bring one back to the realities that are facing mankind. Coming to terms with the great community is something that we should all consider. The time is getting closer for us to join the universal race and we need to understand that many are not as benevolent as we would like. The universe is simply a larger cosmic mirror of what is happening on planet earth. Just because an intelligent race of beings possesses far superior technology does not mean that have evolved on a moral or ethical level much beyond the human race.
    There are benevolent beings and one of our greatest challenge in the coming years will be to identify which have our interest at heart and which have our resources at heart. Keep in mind that the resources could be natural and human.
    Enjoyed your article.

    • “The universe is simply a larger cosmic mirror of what is happening on planet earth.” And yet, and yet.. . If it is a mirror, then have these civilizations NOT gone through a nuclear initiation, blasting themselves to smithereens? It seems to me that, given Hastings’ and others info on how UFOs have interfered with our nuclear capabilities, that at least some of them have gone through this and that all of them want to prevent us doing it here. And frankly, from my (mutating) perspective of Monday morning, January 16, 2012, if Summers is right, and they want to prevent us ruining the resources of our planet, and the only way they can do that is to gradually, subtly override free will, then well, more power to them? Not sure I really do feel this way, but I can’t help but put it in the mix as well. Thanks, as usual, Rich, for your insightful and always germane comments. It often feels like you flesh in what I’m trying to say.

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