CE-5 training: Nearby, with son Colin, for five nights


Now that I’ve pretty much caught up on sleep, I will say a few words here about our experience in a nearby field, 14 of us (mostly hailing from elsewhere), on lawn chairs, in a circle, from 8:30 pm on. We begin with meditation: grounding ourselves as individuals, tuning into loving group intention, calling in benevolent ETS, for three or more hours.

Our experiences were, we hear, typical of CE-5 groups. Flashing lights of various kinds and duration, some of them attuned to our thoughts, and our own flashes back, in seeming telepathic communion. Colin and I have been invited to participate with a local group monthly, at the New Moon. Will get apps for both the sky and satellite schedules.

I’m embarrassed to think that even though I’m an astrologer, I don’t really know the constellations. So that when someone says, as a pointer, “SW of the Dolphin, ten degrees,” I have no clue. From the ephemeris, I know if there’s a transiting planet overhead; and I recognize the Pleiades, the Big Dipper, the North Star, Orion, and that’s it! Oh wait; now, thanks to our CE-5 adventure, I also know Viga, which happens to be the second brightest star in the heavens.

Some of our experiences were individual, for each of us alone. This happened to me twice, once on the first night, and again on the third night. I was the only one to see, for a duration of at most two seconds, on those two occasions, a sudden brilliant flash of bright red that pulsed instantaneously out and in. I was amazed that I actually saw it, “clear as day,” despite that my night vision is notoriously poor (especially with grievously scratched glasses). It was as if, with that red flash, everything else disappeared and reappeared afterwards.

But that was only one of many different kinds of sightings, each of which were either seen by one person or several or the entire group. And each time, the question was, of course: plane, helicopter, satellite? If not, then ET? One of the people present, Matt, who has focused most of his adult life on contact with ET species, during one sighting was able to telepathically ask them to pulse again, and again, and again! The instantaneous response, three times, was something the entire group witnessed — and cheered!

It was wonderful to be with people who are willing to sense and experience human communion with other species in the cosmos. In the afternoons, there were many personal stories, along with a few experiments in remote viewing, and otherwise sensing energies. Some in the group have “had contact” all their lives. As have their parents, and their children and grandchildren. Others were newbies, though with long-term longings. For me, it was not a first time, but I knew I had to bring Colin with me. For him . . . well, I’ll let him tell his own story — to be featured at our next Green Acres Village Community Dinner, Thursday, September 28 . . .

Let’s just say that what happened with him was spectacular and, he told me the next day, “life-changing.”

I used to think that astrology could function as the language to unite us all, no matter where we live, beneath culture and language, since it has to do with our relationship with the sky under which we all live.

Now I realize that what unites us cosmically is simply the common human experience of the sky, not any language we use to describe it. After all, languages must be learned. And since astrology happens to be a difficult language to really absorb, it may forever remain somewhat esoteric.

Kosta Andreas, a funny and humble man who thinks big and has charged himself with keeping the “People’s Disclosure” movement begun in the 1990s by Dr. Steven Greer going, now counts 11,000 members world-wide, in small groups, who follow the CE-5 protocols: www.ETletstalk.com 

Kosta brought with him his wife Hollis and her friend Debz, both of them, as I told them with intense gratitude, CRONES! Yes! Fully evolving, multi-talented and skilled elder women, both psychic, and in touch with many dimensions. So glad to meet these sisters!

And the host for this occasion, Jeff Becker, has collected first person contact stories for a wonderful book, Paths to Contact, which Debz recommended, and now has me magnetized until done. Since I rarely actually read books these days, that’s quite a complement! Colin gets it next.

Kosta, Matt, Jeff, in goodbye circle, prior to final evening CE-5 field experience.

It’s hilarious. At first, my podmates here in the Green Acres Village looked askance at my announcement that I would be mostly absent during this week, because I was going to a UFO workshop. But after only one night, they were all on pins and needles, wondering what happened.

I gave them some clues, but told them they would have to wait until next Thursday evening for the full story.

I find it very interesting that the government-sponsored and promoted mind-control to label all ET contact stories as either nonsense or swamp gas can so quickly give way once one person simply announces, without flinching, that she takes the idea seriously, and then follows through by going to a workshop. If the “ridicule factor” can be dispelled so easily, what other walls in our collective mind are beginning to dissolve?

Of course, aboriginal peoples around the world do not find the idea that cosmos and nature are connected strange. Rather, the union of all species, “all our relations,” is obvious. And deeply sacred.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    In the 1965 UFO encounter, I flew under and up at their craft to explore it visually and with our weapon system radar…..Read More>>> https://www.buckleyrealty.com/qhht-missing-time-ufo-connection

    Uncle Archie: In the early 90’s my Uncle Archie Buckley, a pretty well known outdoorsman, showed me and others how he was able to call in UFO’s…he could tell us to the second when they would arrive over head. He would do a meditation after dark while slowly facing off the four main compass points. Then turn and say something like…”They are over the Himalayas and will be here in 12 and a half minutes.” … 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…wooosh three lights in bright formation zoom in and spread out in a star burst. The background stars would turn black as the shape of some giant mother ship blocked the starlight. It was freaky awesome. Electronic recording devices kept running but became snowy and grainy. Sleeping bags with rubber mattresses would vibrate and bounce around on the ground. Archie used to do this many years before Dr. Greer independently developed his own CE-5 protocols. When I came across Greer I realized Greer was on to a powerful answer….bypass the Deep State, make direct contact, work to release Zero-Point-Energy.

    • Rich Buckley says:

      Archie did this frequently at a location found on Google Earth as

      Limedyke Mountain – Mountain Peak
      California 96046

      Or, on Google Maps, paste into the search box:
      40.524865, -123.417256

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow wow wow! Wonderful share. Thanks, Rich. It makes us wonder just how many people are still keeping their own contact experiences secret, for fear of ridicule.

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