Carolyn Baker and Charles Eisenstein: On learning to hold the tension of the opposites



On the one hand, humanity is very likely pell mell bent on a course towards possible extinction in the near future. On the other hand, “there is a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.” Both statements are “true.” When we learn to hold and honor both realizations in our hearts consistently, we invite an alchemical reaction. A fire is ignited, a passion, to remake both our inner lives and our outer world; and to love and work with others who both recognize our precarious situation on this still beautiful Mother Earth and and who honor the living breathing life force within us, the internal greening that pushes up and out of every creature each year when winter gives way to spring.

We who live in the northern hemisphere: look outside. Smell the fertility in the air! Hear hear! Geese flying overhead, two by two, honking; brilliantly colored songbirds in trees, rejoicing! Water rushing, circling, spreading! Plants pushing up, seeking sun! As long as we are alive and breathing, the world renews itself. Take nothing for granted. Nothing. Live, clear-eyed, knowing our possible extinction, while inhabiting the joyous air of utter expectancy. BOTH.

Then notice your life. For it will open.

Carolyn Baker‘s book review of Charles Eisenstein‘s new book is unusually trenchant.

A More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know

Is Possible: A Book Review


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  1. laurabruno says:

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    A beautiful, poignant exploration from three (including Ann) brilliant thinkers and feelers of our times. Definitely worth reading Ann’s intro and clicking through to Carolyn Baker’s review of Charles Eisenstein’s book. What a constellation of inspiration and comfort.

  2. Nice thought and a very nice graphic!

  3. ohnwentsya says:

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    Thank you for posting this-especially your introduction to the review! I’ve been working with exactly this lately and it is interesting how liberating it is to recognize the critical nature of our current global situation. It’s true that things have probably never been more dire since the birth of the human species but our here on the edge if the precipice of doom the heart opening beauty of the life all around us has never been clearer. Whatever we do to acknowledge that sacred beauty and turn aside from the pointless destruction is magical. Even if we fail, engaging the attempt makes us more fully alive than we have ever been.

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    Ahhh, lovely…brought to our attention by Laura Bruno..

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