Carl Boudreau, November 2013 Astrology: Pay attention to the November 3 Eclipse

I’d say Boudreau is correct. This Scorpio solar eclipse, at the midpoint between Saturn and North Node, is bound to make longstanding karma come irrevocably due. Hidden power both stops what no longer serves and focuses the initiation of what does — and all, of course, activated by the ferment of the ongoing (2012-2015) unpredictable, revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square.

I love how Boudreau talks about the power of this month as “loose, not concentrated,” thus “diffusive, counteracting the tendency to monopolize and abuse power.” And, he goes on to say, any group that thinks it can control what happens this month is “either ignorant of the way the world works or totally insane,” since things will be happening on so many levels and in so many directions that it will be impossible to “direct” the process. To use a favorite word of mine, the situation will be “self-organizing.”

Remain aware. Center yourself. Trust and let go.

“During an eclipse, karmic ills come due. It will boost common sense, justice and fair play. Given how widely power is dispersed, we won’t have to wait to see some public figure get their commupance, we will see it at a microlevel, see who turns out to be the good guys and who the bad guys. Things are going to turn around in your neighborhood, your school, and your business.

“A big turning point has finally arrived. A heightened sense of individual and moral responsibility.”

“In the months ahead, things get rougher, for the next five, six, seven months. But I think the pattern will be something like you saw in November. You didn’t get the protective fibes, you got something fuzzier. This winter a bit bumpier, but in the background very very important things taking place.”

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