Carl Boudreau: Notes on the Astrology of Paris on 9/13/15

An interesting read. I too, thought the actual transits in the heavens that day did not indicate anything obvious. But solar arcs to the national chart of France? Bingo. At least at first reading. I do take issue with Boudreau’s “negative” view of Eris, however, as we tend to think of this goddess (as well as Lilith!) in patriarchal terms, when a deep feminine interpretation would lend Eris (and I imagine Lilith as well!) a more complex coloration. See for example:

Remember, the female half of the human race was not all that thrilled when the patriarchy took over from the beautiful culture of equality that seemed to make it’s last appearance in ancient Crete. Note this painting from Knossos, of “bull leaping.”


Our goddesses reflect that fury. I think, for example, of Medusa, whose stare could turn men to stone . . .

Some Astrological Thoughts on the Recent Tragic Events in France


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