Can we utilize the energy generated from a concert to change the world? YES!

We can catch the extraordinary collective energy generated by a massive attended music concert and put it to work the very next day in creative, grounded, needed projects that put us back in touch with each other and the Earth. Plus, it’s fun!

I can’t help but wonder what Lady Gaga would do with this idea, now that she’s come alive.

Via permaculturist Keith, who adds: “Culture infiltration channels are similar, metaphorically, to contour infiltration channels.”

Yeah, and the sooner we can learn how to catch, hold, and channel into working projects the high high energy of joyous celebration, the sooner those channels will merge into a roaring river, flooding the old dried up carcass of western so-called “civilization” with new energy, the new blood of our transformed hearts, minds — and muscles!

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