Bundy Ranch: Who’s being suckered here? Or: is there a field where, rather than “facing off,” we mingle, get to know each other? Laugh? Love?


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Though a part of me thrills to see regular folks join up to support the Bundys in their long-term fearless challenge to “authority,” there’s another, hidden part of me that wonders if this whole drama is one more psy-op of some kind to distract us from what’s really going on. As commentator, and long term environmental activist Bill Chisholm says,

I am not yet convinced of a black and white scenario of right and wrong in the Bundy/BLM case, I tend to think in terms more of two wrongs.

P.S. There’s much more to Bill’s thinking. See below that piece and to others I’ve posted on this issue for more of his astute commentary.

I’d like to think that with this issue, we’re entering the deeply unfamiliar territory where the usual right/left distinctions start to collapse in terms of all of us recognizing our oneness and seeking the common good. Perhaps I’m naive, and if so, determined to remain that way, or at least to see through everybody’s selfish interests, including my own. And when I do manage to do this, for even one single blinding second, I encounter a kaleidoscoping array of perspectives, all of them “valid” from their own unique points of view. The “point” is, in this dimension beyond polarization, we sit in the infinite quantum field, where wherever we place our attention coalesces an invisible wave into a visible “point” that we can choose to think is both “real” and the only one that’s “real” — or not.

So, the question is, the question always is, just where do we choose to place our attention?

A reader, Susan, has just sent me this piece, as a counterpoint to the idea that this is just, or primarily, a “states-rights” issue:

Nevada Ranch Stand-Off Was One Big Promo for Rustic Right-Wing Millionaires

The right-wing media wing jumped at the chance to support Cliven Bundy’s fight to graze his cattle on public land for free.


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