Bundy Ranch: Victorious Showdown at the (I15 underpass) Okay Corral. Then, paddywagons?!?

David Icke posted this. Classic. Iconic. Part of infowars great coverage.

Oops! This drama is way not over. Via rumormillnews:

Next Up: Press Conference today, Monday, April 14th, Full Moon Eclipse Day in this extraordinary month of April, to include state legislators from a number of western states and others, 1 p.m. MDT.




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  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    This is case of dangerous perceptions and one needs to use caution in coming down on any side. Perhaps a good place for moving “beyond … for and against”. One needs to look at the original argument between Bundy and the BLM… the case history. One also needs to look at the long held attitudes of the so called Sagebrush Rebellion, those right wing conservatives that have been trying to get their hands on the public lands for decades. These are the same folks that want to weaken or destroy the Endangered Species Act and many of the other federal environmental protection regulations… so they can rip and rape at will. So I don’t believe it is a simple matter of the big bad government trying to squash some little guy, who is just trying to make a living. Certainly there is far too much of that and far too little of the government going after the real criminals… ! These are dangerous times, times to keep one’s cool, ask the next obvious question… not be knee jerking at every drop of well orchestrated Pavolvian words.

    I’m not anti-gun… like other tools they have a purpose… but my experience says that they bring with them a 20 point drop in one’s IQ because they create a false sense of power… throw in religious or political ideology and there is probably another 20 point drop. It takes an incredibly self disciplined person to overcome the impediments and we are not a society of the self-disciplined.

    In my political and activist battles folks would often say to me, “Good Luck” I would answer back… “Good Luck to us All”

    • Oh boy, Bill, it’s so obvious that you have been down there in the trenches and have really learned to see beyond “good” and “evil” to the infinity of points of view, most of which are probably playing one another consciously or unconsciously, aiming for advantage.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    Bunkerville Ravine– Off Broadway Production

    Of course it’s not over. Smile and enjoy the moment. We spoke truth to power after all.

    It’s not the solar farm, it’s all the gravy stains on Senator Reid and family faces.

    The incident at Bunkerville ravine seems to have been created by Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s family and the immense official powers exercised by Sen. Reid to sell a multi-billion solar farm to the Chinese. Rancher Cliven Bundy and 57 other clod busters just happened to be in Harry’s way. While they fuss to clean up the gravy stains off Harry’s face and separate Harry’s image from this embarrassing indiscretion the NWO is working on its next hijinks: Operation American Spring (scheduled at a highway overpass near you).

    Bringing the production to Broadway

    The shadow government learned a lot in Nevada, enough to bring the house down in DC with Col. Riley’s “Patriots”

    “Break A Leg” by Col.Riley and “The Patriots”

    Act I — You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

    OAS, Operation American Spring, is a deceptive play off the concept of Arab Spring. Arab Spring crossed religious and political sub-group boundaries successfully. OAS is hard right and partisan in all respects and organized top-down to facilitate easy shadow government control by its handlers. Actions speak louder than words.

    There seems to be considerable evidence that OAS founder, Col. Harry G. Riley, (Ret.) a former NSA trained operative, is attempting to conduct a large, disruptive gathering at the Capital Mall starting May 16, 2014. That’s the stated OAS goal — bring Washington to a stop. Col. Riley in my opinion, is predictable and serves as a NSA/CIA water carrier to help create the next big False Flag domestic opportunity under plausible deniability. He pushes nothing but chaos under the guise of “patriotism.”

    The goal of the Mass Gathering (a tactic designed to bring Washington to a stand-still and force government response) was initially conveyed to us by Col. Riley as his “vision.” Nothing that has taken place so far by the movement, militaristically referred to as “”Operation” American Spring” ” seems to support its declared goal of a nonviolent (“except in self defense”) gathering. Gandhi would probably not concur with key details of the so-called nonviolent operating procedures especially the “except in self defense” escape clause. Don’t confuse Col. Riley rhetoric with Gandhi. Riley represents taunting school yard bullying clothed in plausible deniability when the violence starts; Gandhi represents divine self-sacrificing* historic, nonviolent civil disobedience that absorbed punishment without violent response to register its purpose and win hearts and minds for change, in my opinion.

    Footnote *

    • Yes, the upcoming D.C. event feels foreboding to me, and not because the PTB want me to think that, but because I feel in my gut what you so precisely describe about its organizers and their so-called “non-violence.” Best to cancel it altogether. I wonder if that is possible.

      • Rich Buckley says:

        History has provided us with several sublime examples of heart felt nonviolence civil disobedience, none of which preach the “except in self defense” exclusion. That’s the Col. Riley exception that may sound good for national defense and Mutual Assured Destruction strategies, but can only lead to mayhem and chaos if not civil war, with the millions Col. Riley wants to muster in DC. The greatest numbers ever recorded in DC were about 1-million protesters. The Col. is shooting for 10-million and bringing the nation to a complete stop in DC. His tactics are designed to trigger government response. His demands were unrealistic, at the moment I was kicked off his website for my public disagreements with his strategy. He’s demanding all the top Democrats resign from the President on down, with one Republican thrown in ostensibly for bipartisanship. He wants 1-million people to remain long term for months. This seems like they’ve taken the Kiev Playbook and said, let’s try this back in DC; it’s time… oh, and leave your weapons at home, this is a non-violent mass-strategy assemblage. Right.

  3. rose day says:

    In correlating the ‘hub-bub’ with information regarding the cosmic energy now in play, a thought
    occurred after accessing an article which purports that the ’60s were the last time this sort of energy was available in the present configuration.

    Is it possible that power mongers (who are very well aware of the ramifications of this energy) are employing histrionics to purposely divert attention toward the negative and once again subvert the positive aspects of the energy?

    In this diversion of attention we run the risk of missing a rare opportunity for harnessing this
    energy for the positive…a fact that is surely not lost on beings fully committed to fostering
    the negative.

    • Rich Buckley says:

      “Is it possible that power mongers (who are very well aware of the ramifications of this energy) are employing histrionics to purposely divert attention toward the negative and once again subvert the positive aspects of the energy?”

      You nailed it rose day, I think. And now there seems to be at least some evidence showing we may be figuring out how to focus our positive energies wisely to avoid violence. If this were the 60’s I think our Kent State shooting was our Bunkerville ravine, played out a little wiser … maybe.


    • Probably the reference was to the Uranus/Pluto combination, which is the exploding backbone of this month’s Grand Cross configuration, since from 2012 through 2015 these two planets are in the opening square, or 90° angle to one another, since the conjunction between them 1965-69 or so. In other words, the seeds that were sown then are sprouting now.

      I like your observation about the PTB probably knowing well what’s going on in the skies, and are taking their own kind of advantage of the volatility. On the other hand, part of what this is about is AWARENESS, since without that, yes, it will devolve into destruction. I’d say we’re waking up, moment by moment, that it shows up in events like the Bundy situation where both sides are probably trigger happy, and yet not a single shot was fired.

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