Britney Spears as Tip of the Spear?

Might the growing spotlight illuminating her fight for freedom throw greater light on the horrors of pedophilia, trafficking, slavery, mind control in the film and entertainment industries?

Brittney Spears Shocking Testimony Confirms that She Is Truly an Industry Slave

Liz Crokin, who was the very first independent journalist to call out the underworld evils of Hollywood, had this to say today, on Telegram.

Checking her astrology (born December 2, 1981, 1:30 AM, McComb, Mississippi): This “celebrity” is a freedom-loving, truth-telling Sagittarian, with four planets in that sign, and an iconoclastic Aquarian Moon. I’d say that her personal fight for freedom, by telling the truth of what captured her, is basically guaranteed to be victorious.

And the timing is exact. Her natal Venus sits at 25° Capricorn, and her natal Pluto at 25° Libra, exactly squaring Venus. Over these past few years, Pluto has approached and begun to crisscross over her natal Venus position. She is destined to become a strong female empowerment icon as she makes her full escape from slavery.

Her natal Uranus is at 1° Sagittarius. By the time slow-moving Uranus opposes itself (2025-26) and she completes her quest for personal autonomy, it will be clear sailing from that time on. Between now and then, however, she may be shoveling through the emotional, psychological, psychic, sociological and political gunk that has accumulated within and around her from a lifetime of abuse.

This star’s long slow breakthrough to personal autonomy may in turn function as the tip of the Spear for the slow eruption of the gunk that lies at the bottom of the collective unconscious. As the detritus of centuries of human slavery and abuse that has held humanity in thrall to Fear moves from darkness to light, so may Love flood the empty space it formerly occupied.

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  1. Roel Bianan y Acaso says:

    . . . my ardent prayers, all Britney Spears-CHILD

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