Brie comes alive! And WE are the beneficiaries.


Selfie taken last night at midnight after she finished her shift at the restaurant and before she watered the garden at 1 AM.

It wasn’t so long ago when Rebecca was saying to me, “We’ve got to help Brie find her voice.” Well . . . .

She’s come alive, folks. Like gangbusters. It’s not time to say what all she is inspiring on a day to day level, since it’s organic and proliferating dynamically, but let’s just note that every single day at least one thing new happens that usually involves people discovering not just Green Acres, but the Green Acres Urban Farm idea now manifesting into reality (here’s the new sign, sitting inside, awaiting its installation ceremony on the garden fence) —


— and, she tells me, “my friends and co-workers at the restaurant all get it when I look directly in their eyes and say we’ve got to smash capitalism.”

Here’s a recent fb rant:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.33.02 PM

— that gives the flavor of the practical visioning that onrushes through her during this month of May when a massive transit of a visionary T-cross in mutable signs of communication (Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius) is directly beaming through her natal Venus/Mercury/Jupiter in Leo inconjunct visionary Uranus/Neptune. That Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn is a rare generational signature that she holds in common with her friends of the same age (24-26). She is awakening them to the wildly (Uranus) practical (Capricorn) visionary (Neptune) possibilities that they were born to manifest. Go Brie!

Here’s two more, from her fb page: First, Wendell Berry:


Next, get out of the way!


As she informed me today: “Maybe it’s time your generation got out of the way and let us do it.” AMEN!

Such a blessing for me to have lived long enough to see this beautiful millennial generation take fire. Clearly, Brie is one of the pioneers, and I feel extremely fortunate to live in the same house with her in the newly christened Green Acres Permaculture Village, now featuring the new Green Acres Urban Farm,.

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