Brandon Turbeville: this investigative journalist is the real deal.

I just listened to a 43-minute interview with this journalist who has long experience in and perspective on the Mideast and what Empire is doing there. I no longer wonder which radical and/or moderate group is which, since, according to him, they’re all radical, even psychotic, none are moderate; they all sport different names for the same thing (al quaeda), and are funded by the CIA (and Saudi Arabia). Seems too simple to be true. But maybe it is!

What’s most interesting is the fact that this remarkably revealing interview was aired on ultra right wing Fox News! I can just imagine my late Dad, a lifelong Republican who watched Fox News incessantly — very loud, he was hard of hearing; poor Mom had to live in that hateful scaremongering atmosphere all day long; no wonder she “got dementia” — suddenly being forced to at least encounter, if not digest, this kind of information. Say wha’? He would have had a heart attack, right then and there.

Well worth listening to in its entirety. Also shows the relationship between Empire’s endless violent machinations in the Mideast to its intensely dangerous goal of eventual confrontation with nuclear Russia in order to split it into three parts.

Via jhaines6.

Here’s an article from Brandon Turbeville on the MSM — presumably including Fox News!

Mainstream Media A No-Fly Zone for Truth!




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